Foundation Friday: Limelight by Alcone Botanical Foundation


Description (
It contains only vegetable oils, pure waxes, and FDA approved colors. It does not contain any animal product ingredients, perfume, lanolin, petroleum, or mineral oil—the first two can cause allergic reactions on some skins, and the last two are not absorbed by the skin, causing excess oiliness on the surface. In other words, this foundation is healthy for the skin, will never clog pores, and has cured facial acne for many of our customers! Most commercial liquid foundations have a ratio of about 18 to 23 percent of pigment to the liquid. Our foundation has at least 50% pigments to waxes and oils so that a very little bit goes a long way. Our Botanical Foundation lasts better throughout a long day than comparable commercial foundations and requires less touch-ups.


Shade Range:
16 shades (my shade is Ivory)

50% pigment
Great shades for fair skin, the lightest is shade is too light for me which never happens
Fragrance free — cruelty free — lasts all day — sleek, compact packaging

Cons: Online or through beauty guide only

Final Verdict: I didn’t like this the first time that I tried it. My skin was oily and it didn’t control my oils well. Now that my skin is more normal/dry, I LOVE it. It’s full coverage, applies and blends out easily and quickly, and it lasts all day. I prefer to use this with my Sigma F80. I think it blends better with a brush than a sponge. Ivory is my perfect match and highly recommend this foundation!

**If you want to try this, shoot me an email ( ) and I can put you in touch with a beauty guide.


I use this with the First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothie Primer, Sigma F80, and I set it with my RCMA No Color Powder.

Before :: Just foundation :: After
AM :: PM



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