Black Friday Haul

Things got a little out of control on Black Friday. There were so many good sales and I am weak. This haul is brought to you by Afterpay and poor decisions. I got all of these items on sale so Olive & June—Bold & Unshaken—Besties—Yes Please—XOXO Kimchi Chic Beauty—Get Glow Highlighter 03—Blush 04—Contour 01—Puff, Puff, Pass Powder 03—Pot De Creme 01—The Most Concealer 01 Nordstrom—MAC … Continue reading Black Friday Haul

High End Beauty Guide 2018

Copy and pasted straight from Monday’s post because #lazy Y’all know I am always trying new products so I know what’s good and what to recommend and because I have a makeup addiction. I decided to put together two beauty guides for the end of the year, affordable and high end, to highlight my favorite products in each category. These are the products I would … Continue reading High End Beauty Guide 2018

My 2 Cents on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Warning this post contains both truth and sarcasm. 1)  Some of the deals are not that impressive. Yes, saving some money is better than paying full price but we’re not talking about half price Birkins here. 2) A good portion of the clothing and shoes are fall pieces even though the sale happens in the summer. I get you want to buy and showcase what you’ve … Continue reading My 2 Cents on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale