CoverGirl Exhibitionist Ultra Matte Lipstick

–Transfer proof
–Kiss proof
–No-budge formula
–Lasts up to 24 hours without cracking or flaking

–$7.92 at Wal Mart
–$4.99 at Target, Amazon
–$10.99 at Walgreens

Shade Range
–My Shades: All Abuzz, Wink Wink

–Cruelty free
–Long lasting
–No transfer
–Agree with all claims
–Comfortable, non-drying formula

–Shade range

Final Thoughts
Jessica Braun recommendation
–Creamiest matte lipstick I’ve ever used, even more so than the Milani lipsticks I talked about last week
–LOVE this formula, it’s not drying and has amazing staying power
–Doesn’t transfer, flake, or crumble
–Extremely pigmented, one swipe is all you need
–I hope they keep adding shades to the line


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