February Favorites

  • Pen Cart–Fun fact: I’m OBSESSED with pens and school supplies. The thrill of finding a new pen that writes smoothly just brings me immense joy. That being said, I have A LOT of pens and needed a better way to organize. Thanks to TikTok, I got this idea. The cart is from Michaels and the cups are from Target. It’s just so beautiful and I love it.
  • NEW CARRRRRR!! GMC Terrain–I bought a new (to me) car this month. I had been wanting a small SUV and the cards just fell into place. I am so excited and I love it so much.
  • Mark & Graham Elisabetta Slouch Handbag–This is hella pricey and def a splurge. However, the quality is superior. I have a nice, classic black bag and I wanted to add a classic, brown/tan bag to my collection. I’ve been wanting this for months and I used my yearly bonus (and a coupon code) to make it mine and I have no regrets. Mine is in the shade Camel with a gold monogram.
  • Hard Candy Full Coverage Glamoflauge Pro Concealer–I have a full review on this coming soon. Here’s the short version–shade is perfect for brightening, it’s affordable, and doesn’t settle or crease. I got mine at Wal Mart.

4 responses to “February Favorites”

  1. So happy for you on your new ride! Also, I thought my son & I were the only ones that are obsessed with pens & pencils! That is a good idea for storage/organization.


    1. Thank you! Yall are not alone, I am OBSESSED!!


  2. New Car !! How in the world will I ever see. you coming now. Congratulations you deserve it. Can I guess who you bought it from?


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