July Favorites


  • Earring Storage
    • TIBAL shared this on Instagram and I immediately ordered. I have a lot of large statement earrings and this the best way to store them. I can see everything that I have and they are nice and organized.
  • Colorful Tile Bracelets
    • These are $5ish from Wal Mart and SO FREAKING CUTE. I bought 3 different ones to stack and I love them. They are such a fun pop of color to add to any outfit.
  • Straightener Case
    • I have a travel straightener holder but there’s no where for the cord so I have to wrap the cord around it and I’m absurd and don’t like that. This case holds everything and is protective.
  • Magic Powder
    • I did a full post on this so I’ll keep it short–I love this combination and it is perfect for my dry skin.
  • Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer
    • If you see my Monthly Mani posts, you know I love bold colors, but every now and then I get crazy and want something a little more subtle. I use a very sheer pink as a base and then apply this color for some added shine and dimension. If you don’t like a lot of color on your nails, but still want something, this is the shade for you.
  • All She Wrote Notes Confetti Tumbler
    • I have an obsession with cups. Tumblers, coffee mugs, water bottles, I love them all. I couldn’t not get this adorable cup. IT’S SO DAMN CUTE AND I NEEDED IT. I LOVE the lady behind the brand and I’m pretty sure we could be BFFs. She’s great, follow her for a daily dose of sunshine.
  • Pilot Pens
    • Obsession #2–school supplies. The best part of going back to school was shopping for supplies. I love pens, pencil cases, notebooks, just all of it. These pens write SO good.
  • Donut Pencil Case
    • Tell me that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Ever. I keep my ball point pens in this case.
  • Pencil Shaped Pencil Case
    • I needed this too because I needed a separate case for my gel pens. These things bring me joy.

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