My Lipstick Collection

I got this post idea from Jessica Braun.


  • NEWESTLaura Mercier Extreme Matte in Queen & The Lip Bar Liquid Mattes in Boy Trouble and Play Mate
    • I by myself a pricey lipstick for my birthday every year. This year I went with the Laura Mercier and I LOVE the formula. My fabulous friend, Meghan, gave me the The Lip Bar lipsticks. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but you can get them at Target.
  • OLDEST–YSL Rouge Volupte Radiant in #8 Fetish Pink
    • They don’t make this formula anymore so I can’t link it. This was the first luxury product I ever splurged on. It was my birthday lipstick the year I turned 23.
  • MOST EXPENSIVEChristian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin Lip ColorI think I cried when I saw Christian Louboutin was releasing a lipstick in his signature red shade. I know I cried when the Louboutin nail polish was announced. I have a love affair with Louboutins so I had to have this. I just saw where they were releasing a liquid lipstick and that will 100% be my birthday lipstick next year for the big 3-0.
  • EVERY DAYCharlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Original Matte RevolutionThis was my birthday lipstick for my 28th birthday. I’m not usually a nude lipstick person. I am pale and prefer a brighter lipstick, but this one is pure perfection. If I could only wear one lipstick the rest of my life, this would be it.
  • MOST AFFORDABLEelf Velvet Matte LipstickThis formula is not drying and glides on with ease. If you stay away from matte lipsticks because they aren’t creamy or too dry, give this formula a try.
  • BEST MEMORYMAC Candy Yum YumI bought this lipstick in 2014 because I saw Emily Gemma wearing it and thought it was SO pretty. However, I didn’t have the confidence to wear such a bold lip at the time. It sat on my bathroom counter, in the box for MONTHS. One day I just said, “who cares?!” threw it on and that was the start of my love of bright lipsticks.
  • MOST COLORFULKVD Vegan Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub
    • This is a bright purple-y pink and it is so fun!
  • MOST USEDBuxom Power-full Plump Lip Balm in Dolly
    • I just wrote about this product and how much I love it. It lives in my purse and it will never leave. This gives the perfect amount of color, it’s hydrating, and it will work with any makeup look. I can’t rave about this enough.
  • WORTH THE HYPEMACBack in the day, MAC was THE brand. For a while, I would only buy and wear MAC lipsticks. Even though I’ve broadened my horizons, I still love my MAC lipsticks. There are so many shades and finishes and there is something for everyone.
  • NOT WORTH THE HYPE–Any luxury lip product
    • I have bought several luxury lipsticks and I will probably continue to buy them from time to time, BUT you are 100% paying for the label/name brand. I’ve purchased and tried well over 100 lipsticks and there is zero difference in luxury lipsticks and drugstore lipsticks other than the price.
    • I didn’t want to repeat answers by saying MAC or Charlotte Tilbury so I went with this one. I’m not a big lip gloss fan. I don’t like the tackiness and they tend to be sheer. This is hybrid formula of a liquid lipstick and a gloss. It’s shiny and comfortable like a gloss but has the pigment and longevity of a liquid lipstick. This color is the perfect nude, pink for shade for my skin tone. I love this formula and the Audacious lipstick formula.
  • MOST NOSTALGICChanel Rouge Allure in 91 SeduisanteI don’t travel often (#anxiety), but when I do, I like to pick a lipstick as a souvenir/memory for that trip. I bought this lipstick at the airport in NYC when I went to my person’s wedding. It’s a beautiful shade of pink. Her husband has since passed so I gave the lipstick to her.
  • MOST UNDERRATEDLA Girl Lip AttractionI haven’t seen or heard much mention of these but they are SO good. I grabbed one on a whim at Ulta was so impressed that I picked up another. The packaging is very lux and NARS reminiscent and they are $5.99. Can’t beat it.
  • MOST UNIQUE FORMULAWet N Wild Stained Glass Lip GlossAs you read earlier, I don’t love gloss, but I LOVE this formula. It is shiny like a gloss, not sticky, and is a lip stain. As the shine and gloss wears off from eating or drinking, you still have color on your lips because of the stain effect.
  • MOST UNIQUE SHADENYX Suede Matte in Violet Smoke
    • This grey-ish lavender shade is so fun to wear in the fall. Obviously you can wear any shade any time, but something about this just screams fall to me.
  • MOST DISAPPOINTINGHuda Beauty Liquid LipstickI was SO excited to try this formula because I had heard such rave reviews and I think it was one of the first products she came out with. I was so disappointed. The formula was soooooo liquid-y and I just didn’t like it at all.
  • BEST SMELLINGYSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in LipstickMost luxury products are heavily scented and this one is no exception. It is very fragrant and smells like Peach Schnapps. I ain’t mad at it.

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