Duped or Duped? Finishing Sprays



Claims–Instant boost of hydration :: refresh & set makeup :: packed with vitamins & minerals :: moisturizes, soothe, and enhance complexion

Price (Full Size, 3.4 oz)–$27 at Ulta, Nordstrom, maccosmetics.com
Price (Mini Size, 1.0)–$14 at Ulta, Nordstrom, maccosmetics.com

Scent Selection–4 (original, coconut, rose, lavender)

Pros–Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested :: LOVE the original scent :: works with powder products to intensify color payoff :: settles powder look & fuses with skin for a more natural look :: good ingredients :: hydration for dry skin

Cons–Expensive :: Not cruelty free :: Mister/spray can be heavy sometimes :: accessibility

Final Thoughts–MAC Fix+ is the answer to almost all problems…dry skin, shadows that aren’t pigmented enough, powder that got cakey, a broken arm, etc. I’ts a must have for me and I product I use daily. I even keep a mini bottle in my desk drawer at work. I’ve gone through so many bottles of this and continue to repurchase it.


Claims–Acts as a protective layer & prolongs the wear of your makeup :: not sticky

Price–$4.99 at essencemakeup.com for 1.69 oz

Pros–Affordable :: small, compact bottle :: cruelty free :: vegan :: good mister :: settles powder :: works well with my dry skin :: perfect finishing step for makeup :: works with powder products to intensify color payoff

Cons–Availability/accessibility, online only!

Final Thoughts–This is the perfect last step to settle and set everything for a less powdery look. Great to use as a refresher throughout the day as well.

These products are total dupes. They have similar ingredients and do the same thing. The only major difference is the price, obviously. There’s just something about Fix+ that draws me in. I’ve used and repurchased both of these. The Essence is a great, budget friendly option, but if you want to splurge, give the MAC a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in either one.


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Dupe or Duped? Lip Stains



Claims–Lightweight, comfort matte finish :: intense color payoff :: soft cushion tip applicator :: Vitamin E for comfortable, non-drying wear

Price–$22 at Ulta, Nordstrom, lancomeuse.com

Shade Range–8
My Shades–Magenta, Deep Red

Pros–Long lasting :: comfortable :: buildable coverage :: dries down & doesn’t transfer :: not drying :: soft applicator

Cons–Only available at specialty stores :: expensive :: shade range :: hard to remove :: not cruelty free

Final Thoughts–I LOVE these. They are the perfect stain to wear under liquid or bullet lipsticks so there is color on your lips even if the liquid/bullet lipstick starts to wear off. These sample sizes will last me a while, but I would pay full price for a full size. They are hard to remove so I recommend starting with a lip liner and trying your best to stay in the lines. If you get it outside your lip line, it’s staying there all day.



Claims–Look of a stain, feel of a balm :: buildable color : soft cushion tip applicator :: infused with coconut oil

Price–$9.99 at Ulta :: $9.99 at Walgreens :: $8.97 at Wal Mart :: $8.99 at Target

Shade Range–10
My Shades–Crimson Feels, Berry Lit

Pros–Affordable :: easy to find/access :: not drying :: soft applicator :: lightweight

Cons–Shade range :: not cruelty free

Final–I really love these too. Again, I love to wear under lipsticks or apply on top if I’m wearing a formula that can be drying. You can build this up for a more pigmented look or just do a quick swipe for a more sheer look. They add shine and make lips look juicy without being sticky like a gloss or drying.


Let’s start out by pointing out an obvious difference, the Lancome is matte and the Revlon is not. This post is more about a comparison of formula rather than finish. For the record, Lancome has a non-matte version. You get the same lip stain/tint effect from both products. These are stains so I recommend using a lip liner to prevent bleeding.

My favorite way to use these, as a I mentioned earlier, is under or over other lip products, but I will wear them on their own too.

Be careful when applying these, especially the Lancome. These are stains and if you go outside of your lip line, your skin will be stained…for days. I swatched these on my hand and used a makeup wipe, oil based remover, cream makeup remover, and micellar water in addition to washing my hands several times a day and showering, and the color was still there 2 days later.


Dupe or Duped? Liquid Glitter Shadows



Claims–Weightless :: Dries quickly :: Minimal fallout :: Holographic effects of pearls and glitter

Price–$9.99 at Target :: $11 at milanicosmetics.com :: $10.99 at Walgreens

Shade Range–4 (my shade: Luster Light)

Pros–Cruelty free :: Affordable :: Glitter/something extra for an eye look without the mess :: Minimal fall out :: Wear alone or over shadow

Cons–Shade range

Final Thoughts–I love the duochrome finish. It’s not as pigmented as the Stila one. It looks better worn over a shadow and is a little too sheer to be worn alone, although you can build it up. It is an eye topper and is meant to be worn over a shadow, but I wanted to mention how it looked on its own as well.



Claims–Maximum sparkle, minimal fallout :: Dries down smoothly :: Lightweight

Price–$24 at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, stilacosmetics.com

Shade Range–15 (my shade: Kitten Karma)

Pros–Cruelty free :: Shade range :: Wear alone or over eye shadow :: Pigmented :: Glitter without the mess


Final Thoughts–I love this and they are so loved and raved about for a reason. It gives a little something extra to any look. It’s easy to use and apply and pigmented enough to wear alone, though you could use it as a topper as well. It blends and applies well on top of powder shadows. A little goes a long way so one tube will last you a lifetime.

No flash :: Flash

There are some differences in these two products, but the point of these products is to add glitter and glam without the mess of a loose pigment/glitter. You are going to get the same effect with both products so save your monies and grab the Milani.


Shape Tape Dupe?!

I heard talk about a Shape Tape dupe and I was down right giddy to get my hands on it and try it.

Keep reading to see if the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define is a dupe for Tarte Shape Tape!

–MUR: $7 for 0.11 oz at Ulta
–Tarte: $27 for 0.33 oz at Ulta, tartecosmetics.com

Shade Range
–MUR: 18
–Tarte: 14

–MUR: Affordable, shade range
–Tarte: Full coverage, blends easily, cruelty free & vegan, little goes a long way

–MUR: Ulta only, lightest shade is too dark for me
–Tarte: Shade range, Ulta or online only

Final Verdict
–MUR: I wanted to do a wear test, but this shade is just too dark for me. I put it on, it oxidized, and I had to take it off. I returned it.
–Tarte: I still haven’t found anything to beat Shape Tape. The lightest shade works for my skin tone, but there isn’t a shade light enough for me to highlight with. I’ve repurchased this already and I will continue to.