Mask Monday: Sleeping Masks

What are they? A sleeping mask is used as the last step of your skincare routine to provide added moisture, brighten & purify, and help seal in your serum, oil, and moisturizer. Different masks have different ingredients so depending on that, you can use more of less frequently. You can use over a moisturizer or in place of, up to you. I, personally, don’t like … Continue reading Mask Monday: Sleeping Masks

Makeup Melters

I’m a big fan of double cleansing. I HAVE to double cleanse every day and the first step is removing my makeup. I love trying new products and formulas. There are so many options: micellar water, cleansing balm, cleansing oil, cleansing lotion, gel cleansers, wipes, etc. Keep reading for the details on some new (to me) makeup removers that I’ve been testing. AVEENO MAXGLOW MICELLAR … Continue reading Makeup Melters

Aveeno MaxGlow Infusion Drops

Claims –Lit-from-within glow –Even skin tone & texture –Moisturizes for a full 48 hours Price –$19.99 at Ulta –$17.99 at Target –$23.99 at Walgreens –$17.95 at Wal Mart –$3.99 trial size available at Ulta Pros –Mini option available to try –Non-comedogenic –Paraben free –Phthalate free –Pretty packaging –Multi-use product (can use alone or mixed with other products) –Smells good –Made my skin glow –Easily accessible … Continue reading Aveeno MaxGlow Infusion Drops

Mask Monday: Aveeno Pretox Antioxidant Peel Off Face Mask

Claims –Gently exfoliates and helps remove impurities –Reveals renewed, refreshed skin –Hypoallergenic –Non-comedogenic Price –$3.29 at Ulta (one time use packet) 0.35 oz –$10.99 at Ulta for full size 2.0 oz –$9.99 at Walgreens  Pros –Affordable –Paraben free –Phthalate free –Non-comedogenic –Smells good –Easy to apply –Left my skin feeling soft & smooth –Pretty purple color Cons –None Final Thoughts I freaking LOVE this mask. … Continue reading Mask Monday: Aveeno Pretox Antioxidant Peel Off Face Mask