Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer

–Transfer proof
–High coverage
–Lasts 12 hours
–Conceals dark circles, redness, and imperfections

–$5.99 at Ulta
–$5.69 on Amazon
–$5.99 at

Shade Range
–My shade: 005 Light Natural

–Works with my corrector and powder
–Easy to blend
–Cruelty free
–Full coverage
–Minimal creasing
–Paraben free

–Shade range
–No shade match for me
–Shades lean yellow/warm
–Availability (Ulta stores or online only)

Final Thoughts
I love the coverage and the formula of this concealer. They recently expanded the shade range, but prior to that change, the shade range was garbage. It blended easily and worked with my corrector and under eye setting powder. I mixed in Colour Pop No Filter Concealer in Fair 02 to make it work so I could wear it. I really like this, just can’t use this shade alone. I need to pick up shade 001 Fair Ivory.


Billie Razors

My friend Lindsay posted about trying a Billie Razor on her blog so I decided to give it a try. I tried Dollar Shave Club, but didn’t love how quickly the blades got dull so I had just been buying disposable razors from the drugstore.


I purchased the Starter Kit which was $9 and included
–Magnetic holder
–(2) 5 blade razor cartridges

After the Starter Kit, you get 4 replacement blade cartridges for $9 at the frequency you choose. You can cancel anytime and/or skip/adjust the frequency of your shipment. The blade replacement shipment is based on how often you shave. I don’t shave every day so I chose to have mine delivered every 2 months.

Two of the things I love about this brand is the free shipping and there’s no pink tax. If you aren’t familiar with PINK TAX, you can read more about it here.

Billie also has other products such as shave cream, body lotion, and body wash available to purchase.


I got razor burn the first few times I used the razor, but that is pretty normal for me. Whenever I try a new razor or use a new blade, I get razor burn. I have sensitive skin so it’s just how it goes. After the first few times, that went away. I got a very close shave and the razor worked will with my favorite shave oil and cream.


I highly recommend giving Billie razors a try! You can use this link to get started or just got to www.mybillie.comIt’s a referral link, I don’t earn any money from the use of this link. 



Foundation Friday: Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid

Images are from Google. 

–Hydrate & smooth
–Medium-to-full coverage skin care foundation
–Vibrant, glowing skin
–Radiant finish

–$45 for 1 oz
Sephora, Dermstore,

Shade Range
–My shade: Dynamic RG5

–Shades by undertone
–Packaging, pump!
–No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or mineral oil
–Cruelty free
–Shade match
–Buildable coverage
–Easy to blend
–Looked good on my dry skin

–Sephora exclusive
–Shade range

Final Thoughts
I thought this was going to be super dewy and I was thinking I wasn’t going to like it. I have dry skin, but I don’t love the super radiant, dewy, “wet” look. I got medium coverage with one layer and full coverage with two. The shade and undertone match is PERFECT for me. The $45 price tag is STEEP, but I LOVE this foundation and would pay full price. I’ve tried lots of foundations so far this year and so far this is my favorite. I’m debating purchasing it during the upcoming VIB Sale. I don’t need another foundation right now, but I hate to miss getting a good deal on it!


Before & After
No makeup :: Foundation Only :: Full Face

Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer

–Feels comfortable all day
–Hide imperfections and dark circles
–24 hour shine control
–Skin looks less fatigued

–$4.97 at Wal Mart
–$5.49 at Walgreens

Shade Range
–My shade: Porcelain

–Easy to blend
–Worked with powder & corrector
–Minimal creasing
–Full coverage
–Easily accessible

–Not cruelty free
–Shades lean yellow
–Applicator is small, had to dip in several times

Final Thoughts
This concealer is really affordable and has really good coverage. I didn’t love that I had to keep dipping back in to get more product and I don’t go crazy with concealer like some people do. The shade is more of a perfect match, rather than a lighter shade for brightening and I have the lightest shade. I used a little bit of the white Colour Pop concealer to give a more brightening effect. There was minimal creasing and settling. This isn’t anything to rave about, but it’s not bad either. Just meh!


Build Up Busters


I wash my hair once a week, on Sundays, for Jesus. If I have to wash it twice a week, there best be a good reason. My hair is VERY thick so that helps me get away with only washing it once a week, but I do need a little extra help with dry shampoo. I also like to use dry shampoo for volume. My personal favorite is the Batiste Beautiful Brunette because it works and doesn’t leave a white cast.

However, by the end of the week of using lots of dry shampoo, there is product build up on my scalp. I don’t like how that feels and I like to start the week with a clean, build up free scalp.

I rely on these two products for a good, clean scalp. They both really clean, but don’t strip or leave my hair feeling dry. In fact, it’s just the opposite!


Claims–Removes impurities, flakes, and build up from dirt and excess oils :: promotes a healthy scalp

Price–$5 at Wal Mart :: $5 on Amazon :: $9.99 at

Pros–Affordable :: sulfate free :: makes hair SO soft :: love the exfoliation/scrub it gives my scalp

Cons–Not cruelty free :: not easy to access/locate/purchase

Final Thoughts–This product leaves my hair SO freaking soft. My hair and scalp feel clean and refreshed, but not stripped and dry. I highly recommend using this if you use a lot of products in your hair.



Claims–Remove 90% of residue caused by shampoos, conditioners, and styling products :: non-irritating :: cleans your hair and instantly rinses away residue

Price for 6 oz— $5.29 at Target :: $5.28 on Amazon :: $5.28 at Wal Mart :: $6.49 at Walgreens
Price for 12 oz–$8.79 at Target :: $8.78 on Amazon :: $8.78 at Wal Mart :: $11.59 at Walgreens

Pros–Affordable :: easily accessible :: doesn’t strip the hair or dry it out :: only use once a week so it lasts a while :: WORKS

Cons–Not cruelty free

Final Thoughts–I have repurchased this SO many times. I let it run out once and I really missed it and my hair did too. If you are a dry shampoo user like me or use a lot of product, you need this.

How I use these products

  1. Wet my hair and apply the LOreal Scrub–I really work this in till I can feel the exfoliating beads on my scalp. I usually leave it in a few minutes while I wash my face or exfoliate my body.
  2. I rinse the scrub out and apply the Neutrogena Shampoo.

I don’t use conditioner all over my hair, especially not near my roots. However, after using the Neutrogena, sometimes I use a hair mask on my ends. If I don’t use a hair mask, I will spray a leave in conditioner.


Dupe or Duped? Lip Stains



Claims–Lightweight, comfort matte finish :: intense color payoff :: soft cushion tip applicator :: Vitamin E for comfortable, non-drying wear

Price–$22 at Ulta, Nordstrom,

Shade Range–8
My Shades–Magenta, Deep Red

Pros–Long lasting :: comfortable :: buildable coverage :: dries down & doesn’t transfer :: not drying :: soft applicator

Cons–Only available at specialty stores :: expensive :: shade range :: hard to remove :: not cruelty free

Final Thoughts–I LOVE these. They are the perfect stain to wear under liquid or bullet lipsticks so there is color on your lips even if the liquid/bullet lipstick starts to wear off. These sample sizes will last me a while, but I would pay full price for a full size. They are hard to remove so I recommend starting with a lip liner and trying your best to stay in the lines. If you get it outside your lip line, it’s staying there all day.



Claims–Look of a stain, feel of a balm :: buildable color : soft cushion tip applicator :: infused with coconut oil

Price–$9.99 at Ulta :: $9.99 at Walgreens :: $8.97 at Wal Mart :: $8.99 at Target

Shade Range–10
My Shades–Crimson Feels, Berry Lit

Pros–Affordable :: easy to find/access :: not drying :: soft applicator :: lightweight

Cons–Shade range :: not cruelty free

Final–I really love these too. Again, I love to wear under lipsticks or apply on top if I’m wearing a formula that can be drying. You can build this up for a more pigmented look or just do a quick swipe for a more sheer look. They add shine and make lips look juicy without being sticky like a gloss or drying.


Let’s start out by pointing out an obvious difference, the Lancome is matte and the Revlon is not. This post is more about a comparison of formula rather than finish. For the record, Lancome has a non-matte version. You get the same lip stain/tint effect from both products. These are stains so I recommend using a lip liner to prevent bleeding.

My favorite way to use these, as a I mentioned earlier, is under or over other lip products, but I will wear them on their own too.

Be careful when applying these, especially the Lancome. These are stains and if you go outside of your lip line, your skin will be stained…for days. I swatched these on my hand and used a makeup wipe, oil based remover, cream makeup remover, and micellar water in addition to washing my hands several times a day and showering, and the color was still there 2 days later.


Foundation Friday: Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid


images are from Google and not my own

–Deliver instant full coverage with half a pump
–No primer needed
–Smooth & flawless complexion
–Waterproof, transfer proof, and sweat-proof
–Soft-focus finish

–$56 for 0.84 oz
Sephora, Nordstrom,

Shade Range
–My shade: Blanc

–Paraben free
–Buildable coverage
–Finish, soft-focus like it claims
–Cruelty free
–Shade match for me
–Long lasting

–Clung to dry patches
–Expensive AF
–Less than standard 1.0 oz

Final Thoughts
I got a sample of this from Sephora so I could test it before committing to a damn near $60 foundation. Therefore, I can’t speak to the “only need half a pump” claim because I just got a sample in a little plastic thing. It says you don’t need primer, but I always prime. I have to. I didn’t get instant full coverage. I did one layer and you could still see my redness. Two layers have full coverage. It clung to dry patches and just sit well on my chin and around my nose where my dryness is the worst. In the other areas where the rough, dry spots aren’t an issue, it looked flawless. I’m secretly glad I didn’t love it because $56 for a foundation is not for the faint of heart aka ME.

Before & After
AM & PM :: You can really see how my dryness is emphasized in the PM photo, especially on my chin and around my nose.