Mask Monday: Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Peel Off


–Unclog pores
–Leaves skin clear & soft
–Remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities
–Easily peels off, no rinsing required

–$2.50 at Wal Mart
–$2.99 at Walgreens

–Oil free
–Smells good
–Pretty color
–Easily accessible
–Easy to peel off
–Cooling sensation when applied
–Leaves skin soft & smooth
–Ingredients: lactic acid, AHAs, glycolic acid

–Single use only
–Not cruelty free
–Contains alcohol :: could dry out or irritate your skin
–Very liquid-y & runny, be careful when applying!
–Hard to blend and get an even layer
–Packaging :: hard to get out

Final Thoughts
I can never get sheet masks to peel in one even piece, but this one actually did. Major victory for me. My skin felt soft and smooth, but not as soft as it does after using my GlamGlow peel off mask. I really struggled to get an even layer of application and the packaging made it difficult to get the product out. It’s not the best, but not the worst. I wouldn’t buy it again.


Mask Monday: Sleeping Masks


What are they?
A sleeping mask is used as the last step of your skincare routine to provide added moisture, brighten & purify, and help seal in your serum, oil, and moisturizer. Different masks have different ingredients so depending on that, you can use more of less frequently. You can use over a moisturizer or in place of, up to you.

I, personally, don’t like to sleep in these masks. I don’t like the feeling of something heavier on my skin when I sleep. After I remove my makeup and cleanse, I apply the mask, and leave it on all night. Right before I go to bed, I rinse it off and then finish up with my serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. I also like to keep mine in my skincare refrigerator for an added calming effect.


Claims– Delivers intense hydration while you sleep :: helps dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and uneven texture :: brighten and purify

Price– $25 at Sephora, :: ~$20 on Amazon for 2.3 oz

Product Range– Lavender and Original

Pros– Smells SO good :: ingredients–hyaluronic acid :: affordable :: no paragons, phthalates, or mineral oil :: like the lightweight, gel texture :: leaves skin soft, smooth, and plump :: cooling effect

Cons– Cruelty free :: availability–online or Sephora stores only

Final Thoughts– I really love the lightweight formula as lots oh hydrating masks can be very thick. I love the smell and it’s so calming. Even though I don’t sleep in the mask, I can still keep the benefits of it. LOVE this mask!



Claims– Replenishes and revives dull, dry skin for a dewy, radiant glow :: pillow proof formula that absorbs quickly.

Price– $34 for 2.53 oz at Sephora,

Pros– No parabéns, sulfates, fragrance, dyes, synthetic preservatives :: dermatologist tested :: lightweight, gel formula :: leaves skin soft, smooth, and hydrated :: cooling effect

Cons– Not cruelty free :: expensive :: availability–Sephora or online only

Final Thoughts– I got a sample of this, but I got several uses out of this so the full size would last a while. The cooling effect feels so good and makes me feel like the mask is really working. Again, I don’t sleep in this, but I can still feel a difference in my skin after a few hours of wear.


–I like both, but the Lineage is cheaper ad works the exact same, so I’d go with that one.
–Neither one of these products are cruelty free so keep that in mind if you only purchase cruelty free products.
–Drugstore option 1) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Overnight Mask Pod :: very similar to the belief mask
–Drugstore option 2) Aveeno MaxGlow No Mess Sleep Mask :: smells amazing, no mess application


Mask Monday: Physicians Formula Refreshment Cucumber & Bamboo Clay

–Cream-to-clay formula
–Never over dries or cracks
–Transforms into a foam when rinsed

–$9.95 at
–0.6 oz

Product Range
–3  :: cucumber & bamboo, white halloysite, rose

–Cruelty free
–Paraben free
–Gluten free
–Healthy ingredients :: cucumber, aloe vera, cooling peppermint, bamboo shoot, glacier water
–Left skin smooth
–Easy to remove
–Didn’t leave skin feeling dry or stripped
–Lived up to all claims

–Although the packaging is convenient, it’s still a little messy
–Expensive for the amount of product you get

Final Thoughts 
I thought this wasn’t going to be messy, but it was very emollient and slid around and got on the packaging. However, it was still less messy than your typical jar/tube packaging. Clay masks can be very drying, but this one wasn’t. My skin felt very soft and smooth and not dry and stripped. It lived up to all of it’s claims and I really like it.


Mask Monday: Origins Clear Improvement

–Purifying mask that deep cleans and visibly reduces pores
–Flush out toxins and dirt & debris that can clog pores and cause skin to look dull

–$26 for full size 2.5 oz
–$13 mini 1.0 oz
Sephora, Ulta,

–No parabéns or sulfates
–Mini option available for travel/testing
–Ingredients :: charcoal, kaolin, white China clay, bentonite

–Not cruelty free

Final Thoughts
I heard this was a dupe for my beloved GlamGlow SuperMud, but it definitely isn’t a dupe. It isn’t as strong as GlamGlow, but it’s still a good mask. I only use it in my T Zone because I don’t want to dry out the rest of my face. My skin felt clean, but not dry and stripped. I feel like I got a really good, deep clean. I’ll still reach for my GlamGlow over this and I think there are cheaper masks that do the same things. It’s just a “meh” from me.


Mask Monday: Tarte Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask


–Clay :: tighten pores; treat blemishes and blackheads; polish away dead skin cells to treat flakes and uneven skin tone without over drying
–Gel :: calm redness and inflammation; boosts clarity and circulation; supple, soft, and energized look

–$40 at Sephora,
–$24 mini

–Cruelty free
–Dermatologist tested
–No parabéns or phthalates
–Convenient 2-in-1 packaging
–Clay :: exfoliates, skin felt clear and clean and not stripped
–Gel :: left my skin hydrated and supple

–Sephora exclusive

Final Thoughts
I love the convenience of a 2-in-1 mask as you can really customize and target according to your needs. The clay left my skin feeling soft and clean without feeling dry and stripped. The gel area really hydrated and made my skin SO soft. I would definitely buy the full size of this mask. I got a sample and got several uses out of this packet so I’m thinking the full size would last a long time.



Mask Monday: Ahava Hydration Cream


–Provide an active hydration boost in just 3 minutes
–Instantly restores moisture
–Left with a smooth, plump, and supple complexion

–$33 for 3.4 oz

–Packed with moisturizing ingredients
–Left skin soft, supple, and smooth
–Super hydrating
–Easy to apply
–Like that you can rinse off or use as a sleeping mask
–Cruelty free


Final Thoughts
I love the idea of using it as a sleeping mask, but I don’t sleep in masks. Instead, I leave it on for several hours and then rinse. I still get the benefits of the mask even though I don’t sleep in it. It’s SUPER hydrating, however, there are other, cheaper masks that do the same thing.


Mask Monday: Farmacy Bright On

–Brighten & detox by removing build up and impurities
–Visibly improve the appearance of skin texture and tone

–$38 for 1.0 oz

–Good for all skin types
–No parabéns, sulfates, phthalates
–Clean beauty product
–Cruelty free
–Made my skin feel soft and supple
–Ingredients :: Vitamin C, kaolin, AHAs, aloe, bentonite
–As you massage it into the skin, it changes color from lavender to green. It’s the Vitamin C capsules bursting so you can actually see the mask working.


Final Thoughts
Prior to using this, my skin felt tight and dehydrated. After, it felt so soft, supple, and hydrated. This is such a cool, innovative product with the color changing formula. A friend gave this to me to try and while I liked it, it is pricey. I don’t know that I’d buy it at full price. I like that you massage it in and get it working before you leave it on to dry which is so simple, but something I had never thought of before.

PicMonkey Collage
You can see how it changed colors after I rubbed it it