Mani Monday: Favorite Fall/Winter Nail Polishes

I’m a firm believer in wearing whatever shade of nail polish or lipstick that you want to, regardless of season. However, there are certain colors that I am more drawn to different times of the year.

Y’all know I share my Monthly Manis each month and nail polish is where my love of all things beauty started. My grandma got her nails done every 2 weeks and I went with her a lot. I remember going in the salon and seeing rows and rows of nail polish and LOVING it. I was exposed at a young age and clearly inherited the gene. When my grandma went into labor with my mom, she was sitting at the table painting her nails and she wouldn’t let my grandpa take her to the hospital until she was finished. Again, I got it honest.

Out of the 160ish (at last count) shades that I own, I managed to narrow it down to 36 shades across 5 color categories.

Cool Tone Browns

Essie Merino Cool: Autumn mulberry
–Essie Hot Coco: Tawny sepia
China Glaze Dope Taupe: Soft greige
OPI How Great is Your Dane?: Cinnamon coffee
Glisten & Glow Dukeberry: Purple tone brown
KL Polish Point Zero: Cool toned grey brown


Essie Petal Pushers: Smokey stone rose
Essie Cashmere Bathrobe: True flannel grey
Glisten & Glow OG Snowman: Dusty, grayish blue
Essie Twill Seeker: Enchanting pewter with sage luster


Essie Turn N Pose: Dramatic, deep plum
Essie Sexy Divide: Bold deep purple with hints of shimmer
Essie No More Film: Creamy, seductive deep violet
KL Polish Mozart: Dusty purple
OPI Kerry Blossom: Plum


–OPI We’ll Always Have Paris: Vampy, darkened plum
OPI What’s The Hatter With You?: Rich burgundy
–OPI Bastille My Heart: Deep burgundy with violet shimmer throughout
OPI Black Cherry Chutney: Dark black-red
Essie Touch Up: Softest mauve pink
Essie Bubbles Only: Classic burgundy creme
Essie Recessionista: Savvy brick red
Essie Shearling Darling: Rich, plush ebony red


Milani Mauving Forward: Lighter mauve with purple undertones
KL Polish Zoey: Essential mauve
KL Polish Lumiere: Mauve pink
KL Polish Alyssa: Soft pink


Essie After School Boy Blazer: Academy blue-black
Essie Bobbing for Baubles: Deepest darkest sapphire
Essie Surrounded By Studs: Bejeweled blue
China Glaze Jagged Little Teal: Deep teal blue
OPI Alpaca My Bags: Blue-green
OPI Less Is Norse: Dark ice blue
KL Polish Gumption: Dark navy blue
KL Polish Cozy In There?: Dusty blue with gray undertones

I thought about some others after I took these pics and I’m too lazy to go back and take pics and a few I don’t have in my collection any more. We’re going to call these honorable mentions
OPI You Don’t Know Jacques
OPI Russian Navy
Essie Wicked
Essie Smokin Hot
Essie Mochacino
OPI Miami Beet

My friend Meghan just shared her fall favorites here. We have a lot of similar favorites, but she mentioned a few that I don’t have in my collection and that needs to change ASAP.

Revel Nail Dip Powder Kit Review


Why dip powder?
–No UV light
–Can do at home, no salon visits
–Non-toxic, no odor
–Crack & chip resistant
–2-4 min dry time
–Manicure doesn’t long
–Easy to remove
–Lasts longer, 3-4 weeks
–Can do on your natural nails whether they’re long or short, can also do with a tip

Why Revel?
–Awesome reward system
–TONS of color options
–User friendly: good directions & tutorials

I purchased the Dip Powder Starter Kit for $49.99 which includes
–Step 1 Probase
–Step 2 Activator
–Step 3 Finish Gel
–Brush softener
–2 oz dip powder jar, shade of your choice

Powder Options & Price
–280 colors: nude to black and everything in between
–Mood changers
–Sun changing colors
–0.5 oz jar $7.99
–1.0 oz for $14.99
–2.0 oz for $24.99

The 0.5 oz jar is PLENTY unless you find a color you really love and will use a lot. I got a 2.0 oz jar and I’m pretty sure it will last a lifetime.

I got a soft, light pink so I can paint over it. I have horrible natural nails and the dip powder provides a nice base. If you do use regular nail polish over top, be sure to remove it with NON-ACETONE remover.

These products are so easy to use. I watched the video tutorials before getting started and that really helped. The first time I did it, it was too thick, but I’ve gotten better. You will need a buffer and nail file to smooth out the nail.

–Soak off with ACETONE
–Dip cotton ball/round in acetone, place on nail, wrap nail in tin foil, wait 10 minutes, and remove foil. Test one nail first to make sure the acetone has broken down the product and you can get it off easily. If not, let them soak a little longer.
–May need a cuticle tool to scrape off the excess product

Will this damage your nails?
Yes. Any sort of acrylic, gel, dip powder, etc. will damage your natural nail.

My mom’s longer, natural nails
My short, natural nails
My nails with a tip and powder

This post is not sponsored. I paid for all of the products myself. If you are interested in purchasing you can use my link and I will receive points, but no commission. 

I tried to answer the most common questions, but if you have any others, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you!