Boxycharm Review :: April, May, & June

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that’s $21. You get 5 products and most of them are full size or deluxe size samples. The value of the box is usually at least $100 and you are only paying $21. I’ve been getting the box since November 2018 and I’ve gotten some pretty good stuff. I’ve tried a bunch of different subscriptions and this is one of the best.

April 2019


Total Value :: $127

May 2019


  • GlamGlow Gentlebubble Cleanser, $28
    • Very gentle cleanser which my sensitive skin appreciates
    • Leaves skin soft and smooth
    • Vegan
    • Keep
  • Alamar Colorete Blush Trio, $22
    • Cute packaging
    • Cruelty free, vegan
    • Shade Fair/Light
    • Not pigmented at all, hardly showed up on my skin
    • Pass
  • Ciate London Eye Luster Creme Eyeshadow, $22
    • Can be used alone, as a base, or a topper
    • Cruelty free
    • Love this as an inner corner highlight
    • Shade: Cupid
    • Keep
  • Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick, $18
    • Already a fan of this formula and brand
    • Cruelty free, vegan
    • Gorgeous shade (Strawberry Pop)
    • Keep
  • Mellow Brow Definer, $18
    • Love the formula. It’s very creamy and easy to blend
    • Shade chocolate is just a tad too dark, but I set it with a lighter brow gel and worked perfectly
    • Keep

Total Value :: $108

June 2019


Total Value :: $117


  • The boxes from this quarter were just meh.
  • The May box was by far the best one
  • The products either didn’t excite me or the products didn’t work for my skintone
  • Eye palettes are a staple to Boxycharm and you usually get one every month, but I think that’s overkill. They are so many other hair/makeup/skincare products they could send instead of a dang palette every month.
  • The Tarte palette I got in the June box is basically the same as the one I got in the January box.
  • I’ve decided to cancel my subscription for now. I’ve gotten 9 boxes and up until recently, I’ve been pleased. This last box was just a total dud. I’ve tried several different subscriptions and they all eventually fizzle out and get repetitive.
  • You can find sneak peeks online, so if I see a product I really want, I’ll sign back up, but for now I’m good without it. It’s $21 I can save or use to buy other products that I actually want to try out.
  • If you’re new to makeup or looking to build your collection, this service is a great one to start with.

2018 Wrap Up

At the beginning of the year, I posted a list of books I wanted to read and started a “Project Pan” with products I wanted to use up.

Here’s an update on how I did throughout the year…


^this is what I started with. You can see the original post here.

  1. Tarte Double Duty Beauty Creamy Powder Foundation :: Used this up!
  2. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronze :: This got hella old so I had to toss it. I did repurchase though. This is one of my favorite bronzers.
  3. Colour Pop No Filter Concealer in Fair 04 :: This shade was too dark so I gave it away. I did repurchase it in my correct shade (Fair 02) and I love it!
  4. MAC Studio Fix Powder :: Used this up
  5. Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer :: This was a good shade match, but it didn’t look very good on my dry skin. I gave this away. (Review here)
  6. Colour Pop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money :: This got old and dried out, so I tossed it.
  7. LimeLight by Alcone Botanical Foundation :: Used this up (review here)
  8. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty :: I’ve used this SO much and I just can’t seem to hit pan. I can see it dwindling down on the sides of the pan though. You can see what I mean here.

I started with 8 products–I used up 3, tossed 2, still working on 1, and gave away 2.

I like the idea of a “Project Pan,” I just think I need to pick better products next time.


My goals for this was to read 18 books and I came so close! I ended up with only 15. I read some from the list I shared earlier this year and some that weren’t on there. You can see my original list here.

These are the books I read…

  1. And Still She Laughs by Kate Merrick
  2. Skin Deep by Bee Shapiro
  3. The Wizartd of Lies by Diana B. Henriques
  4. Sisters First by Barbara Pierce Bush & Jenna Bush Hager
  5. Until I say Good-Bye by Susan Spencer-Wendel
  6. The Southern Education of Jersey Girl by Jaime Primak Sullivan
  7. Triumph by Carolyn Jessop
  8. My Story by Elizabeth Smart
  9. I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson
  10. Why Her? by Nicki Koziarz
  11. Of Mess & Moxie by Jen Hatmaker
  12. Seamless by Angie Smith
  13. Love Life Again by Tracie Miles
  14. The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison
  15. Sandcastle Kings by Rich Wilkerson Jr

Think I can do 19 books in 2019?!

2018 By the Numbers

  • Reviews :: 77
  • Foundation Fridays :: 28
  • Mascara Mondays :: 18
  • Mask Mondays :: 5
  • Manis :: 72
  • Total Posts :: 147

I love to do these posts at the end of the year so I can see all that I accomplished and how my hard work paid off. It’s motivation for next year!

6 Month Project Pan & Reading Check In

If you aren’t familiar with what a Project Pan is or when/why I started, you should start with this post. I did a 3 month check up here should you care to follow this in sequential order.

I started with 8 products in January. So far, I’ve finished up 2 products and weeded out 2 products. Here’s the update on the 4 I have left…

MAC Studio Fix Powder
There is definitely more pan showing and that’s progress! I can/will definitely finish by the end of the year.

Colour Pop Lunch Money
I’m actually tossing this 😥 It’s old and has lost it’s vibrancy and pigmentation.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
Again, more pan showing! This is the bronzer that never ends. I use it almost daily and there’s still so much left. This is really old and I should probably toss it, BUT it’s still working well and doesn’t smell weird so I’m going to keep trucking.

Tarte Paaarty Blush
I’m whittling down and so close to hitting pan. You can see how much I’ve used by the metal that’s exposed in the pan in the picture below.


Y’all I have been slacking on my reading. I still have 13 book on this list to read and SO many others on my Kindle.

You can see the 18 books I want to read in 2018 list here.

So far I’ve read
1. Jersey Girl by Jaime Sullivan
2. Sisters First by Barbara Bush & Jenna Bush Hager
3. I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson
4. My Story by Elizabeth Smart
5. The Wizard of Lies by Diana B. Henriques
6. Why Her? by Nicki Koziarz

The first 5 are of my list of 18 and #6 was a Bible study I did, but that book is great and I highly recommend it. It definitely changed my perspective for the better!

I’ve got 6 months left to read 13 books, I can do it!


1st Quarter Check In

Earlier this year, I wrote 2 posts that are year long “projects” so to speak. First up, an actual project pan and second, 18 Book I Want to Read in 2018.

It’s hard to believe were are already a quarter of way through 2018! Here’s a quick update on my projects.

Project Pan


The top photo is the starting picture for reference.

  • I used up the Limelight and Tarte foundations.
  • I decided to get rid of the Colour Pop concealer & the Milani foundation. The CP concealer is too dark and the Milani foundation just doesn’t look good on my dry skin. However, Colour Pop is releasing new concealer shades and there are some super pale shade which are perfect for me. I will definitely be purchasing!
  • I haven’t hit pan on my Tarte blush, but I’ve used quite a bit as you can see.
  • I’ve made a good dent in the MAC Studio Fix powder.
  • I use the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer almost every day and I feel like I haven’t made much progress with it or the Colour Pop Lunch Money highlighter.

You can find my 18 Books in 18 post here.

Since that post I’ve read
The Wizard of Lies by Diana B. Henriques
My Story by Elizabeth Smart
I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson

So far I’ve read 5 books on the list and I’m currently reading And Still She Laughs: Defiant Joy in the Depths of Suffering by Kate Merrick.

I keep adding books to my Kindle Wish List so I may read some different ones along the way, but I really want to get through these 18. Any others are just a bonus!

The next check in will be in June so stay tuned!