March Favorites

  • Patch Makeup Bags–Stoney Clover who? Amazon has you covered. I love these bags for keeping all of my toiletries and makeup organized. You can’t beat the price either. Stoney Clover is cute, but I refuse to pay their prices. I ordered this -bath- bag
  • Lipstick Earrings–How cute are these earrings?! I have them in red and pink. People like to hate on Shein, but I’m a big fan. Cute, trendy, affordable clothes, shoes, jewelry, and makeup for affordable prices, what’s not to love?
  • Phone Case, H Patch, & Phone Lanyard–I had a Walli case on my phone and I love that case, but I could never find my phone because it’s black and the case is black. I was tired of being annoyed so I went with bright as hell yellow and a lanyard. I have been able to find it in my bag easier and keep up with it around the house.
  • Black Sunnies–Sunnies are a fun way to change up a look and I love the unique shape of this pair from Amazon. I have a few different pairs from this brand and for the price, the quality is good.
  • Large Work Bag + Patches–I wanted a work bag that would fit my legal size folders and Amazon led me to this one. I love all the pockets and the size is perfect for my files and my laptop. The downside is, it only came in drab colors so obvi I had to fix that. I ordered multi-color patches from Etsy and now it’s cute, functional, and personalized.
  • Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter in Enlighten–This highlighter is not for the girl who want a natural, subtle look. This is for the gals who want to GLOW. It is intense and I love it. The formula is perfection and the color is perfect for my skin tone.
  • Believe Beauty Metallic Liquid Liner in Dark Champagne–Black eyeliner is too harsh on my pale skin and a lot of brown eyeliners are so dark that they look black so that doesn’t help. I found a pencil liner from Urban Decay that I love, it gives the definition that I want, but doesn’t look so severe. I saw this at Dollar General while I was waiting in the checkout line and I am so glad I picked it up. It’s the perfect shade and formula for me AND it’s $4.50.

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