Best Amazon Purchases 2022

  1. Stoney Clover Dupes–You can buy this little bag, patches, and pay shipping and it’s still a fraction of the cost of a Stoney Clover bag. I got my patches on Etsy, there are TONS of options there. I think they are so cute and they keep my purse organized. Major win.
  2. Portable Fan–I am extremely hot natured and I get so hot while I’m getting ready. The hot tools I use on my hair coupled with the fact that I’m running late in a hurry equals sweat central. I have this wrapped around the towel bar by my vanity where I do my makeup and it has changed my life. Dramatic but true. It’s also great for drying your setting spray. You need one.
  3. Amazon Basics Midi Dress–I love everything about this dress. It’s flattering, affordable, comfortable, and effortless. I want every single color.
  4. Skincare Shelves-I have two of these on either side of my sink and I use them to hold my skincare. I had all of my skincare in a larger tray and it took up a lot of counter space. These hold a lot of products and freed up SO much space on my vanity.
  5. Kindle Unlimited–If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know I got back into reading this year. I’ve always loved reading, but like most people, I was choosing to spend idle time scrolling on my phone. I decided to try to break that habit and read instead. It was a good decision and I am so glad my love of reading has been reignited. I’ve had a Kindle since 2011 and I love reading on it. I currently have the Kindle Paperwhite and it’s my favorite one yet. Kindle Unlimited is $10 a month and you can borrow and read as many titles, as long as they marked “Kindle Unlimited.” I’ve discovered some great books and authors through this and I think it’s money well spent.
  6. DND Polish Duos–I love to change up my polish color at least once a week so gel nail polish isn’t the best option for me. I do my mom’s nails and some friends sometimes and they prefer gel so these duos are perfect. Price vary by seller, but you can get a regular polish and a gel polish for $10-12. You can’t beat that. I use with this nail kit.
  7. Maybelline SuperStay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipsticks–I’ve raved about these all year and I’m still not ready to shut up talking about how great these are. It’s a liquid lipstick, it dries down and locks in place, but it stays shiny. It’s not a traditional matte liquid lipstick. There are tons of shade options from every day nudes, to bold, fun colors. They don’t budge (reviewed here)
  8. Flower Beauty Heatwave Bronzer–I’ve been using the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush matte bronzer for almost two years. I wanted to get something with a more glowy, luminous finish for summer and some of my favorite YouTubers raved about this one. It’s a bronzer so obviously it’s warm, but it’s not too warm for my fair skin. It’s so easy to blend, but it packs a punch so go in with a light hand.
  9. ello Travel Mug–I LOVE anything tortoise shell so obviously I had to have this. I only drink iced coffee and this keeps my coffee cold for hours and it doesn’t spill.
  10. Charger Stand–This a product that I never knew I needed so much. I like that I can charge all of my devices–phone, watch, and AirPods in one place. I don’t have to fuss with cords or worry with remembering everything every day as it’s all right there together.

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