November Favorites

  • Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara :: I’ve got a full review on this coming soon, but here’s the short version–PERFECT formula (not too wet or too dry), insane length and volume, and it stays in place all day. Essence continues to kill the mascara game.
  • Crown Straw Topper :: Y’all already know I have a tumbler/mug/cup obsession, but how did I not know about straw toppers?! I saw them on TikTok and went to Etsy and found the most perfect one. A gold glitter crown with a monogram?! Sign me up. It’s freaking precious.
  • elf No Budge Cream Eyeshadow & Sigma E05 Brush :: This works great alone and as an eyeshadow base, but my favorite way to use this is as eyeliner. They really mean it when they say it doesn’t budge which is why it’s the perfect eyeliner. It’s lighter than the picture above shows and gives subtle definition to the eyes. It works perfectly with the Sigma brush.
  • Vous Podcast :: I’ve read Rich Wilkerson Jr’s books and my friend Mia suggested I listen to the podcast from his church. I have fallen in love with it and I look forward to listening each week. I learn something with each episode and it just sets my soul on fire in a good way. Their most recent episode from Nov 20 was astounding. Vous is celebrating 7 years and hearing all of the good things they have done and are planning for the future restores my faith that there are good people and good churches left in the world.
  • Clean Eatz :: I hate cooking and cleaning, but I love eating thus this has been perfect for me. I never looked into because I always assumed it was too expensive, but it’s really not. Groceries are a gazillion dollars and this way, I don’t have to do any of the work. I do 5 meals, for lunches M-F, and it’s $43 with tax. They are healthy, high protein and work perfectly with the diet I follow.

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