October Favorites

  • Great Value French Vanilla Cappuccino K-Cups–These are SO freaking good and so cheap. I don’t normally love hot drinks, but I will drink this hot or I’ll stick it in the refrigerator for a little while and drink it over ice. I try to not drink anything with sugar, but this only has 6g and I don’t drink one every day.
  • Navy Crown & Ivy Jessica Flats–I have these flats in quite a few colors and they are comfy, cute, and affordable. You can usually get them on sale. Finding navy shoes can be difficult so I made sure to snag these. They are true to size.
  • Quest Protein Chips–There are several flavors of these chips, but the flavors pictured above are my favorite. Are they as good as a bag of Lays? No, but they are actually quite tasty and 19-21g of protein per bag. I got a value pack on Amazon, but you can find them at Walmart and Target.
  • Ello Tortoise Shell Travel Mug–Have you ever seen anything cuter in your whole life? I mean, maybe you have, but this has to be near the top of the list. It keeps my iced coffee cold all morning, has a lid that locks so it won’t spill, is affordable, and I love it. I want anything and everything that’s tortoise shell.
  • Wet n Wild Bare Focus Clarifying Finishing Powder (Translucent)–I saw this on TikTok, of course, and had to have it. It’s cheap, no flashback, dry skin friendly, and super blurring. AND it’s $4. Try it.
Happy Halloween from my sweet dinosaur!

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