Viral Makeup…worth it?

I just love to share my opinion on damn near everything, but especially makeup. I’ve listed 10 products that have been made “famous” thanks to social media and my thoughts on what’s worth it and what isn’t.

I love buying and trying makeup from all price points and figuring out what’s worth it and what’s not. So many equate price with quality and that’s just not the case. That’s the major reason why I started this blog. I want to share products and reviews and let people know that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get good, quality products that help you look and feel your best.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand
–$40 at Sephora, Charlotte TIlbury
–2 shades
–So easy to blend and very user/beginner friendly
–Cruelty free
–I HATE the packaging, it’s so messy
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: SheGlam Sun Sculpt Liquid Bronzer, $5, 4 shades, cruelty free
–Prior to discovering the SheGlam product, I would have said this was worth it because there was no other product on the market like it. There is not an exact shade dupe in the SheGlam line, but the formulas are SO similar. They are both buildable and easy to blend. It’s hard to mess them up!
–Charlotte Tilbury review & SheGlam review

Maybelline Sky High Mascara
–$9-13 at Target, Ulta, Amazon, WalMart
–3 shades, waterproof option
–Not cruelty free
–Length, volume, separation, stays in place
–Worth it? YES
–This mascara gives insane length, volume, and separation. It doesn’t clump and my lashes look amazing every time I use it. It’s affordable and definitely worth trying!
–Reviewed here

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush
–$20 at Sephora
–7 radiant shades, 4 matte
–Cruelty free
–Buildable, long wearing, easy to blend, only need a small amount of product
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: SheGlam Color Bloom Liquid Blush, $5, 4 shades, cruelty free
–Rare reviewed here, SheGlam reviewed here

NARS Liquid Blush
–$30 at Ulta, Sephora
–5 shades
–Not cruelty free
–Worth it? KINDA
–Alternatives: XX Revolution Blush Tint, $12, 3 shades, cruelty free || Physicians Formula Organic Wear Dewy Blush Elixir, $13.49
–NARS reviewed here

Originally, I liked the Rare Beauty Blush but as I continued testing it with different base products underneath, I changed my mind on it. I found it hard to blend. With both the Rare & the NARS, you only need a TINY amount so these products will last you a long time. I say the NARS is kinda worth it because of their iconic shade, Orgasm. I just love that shade so for me, the $30 product is worth it, but only in that shade. I haven’t tried the XX Revolution Blush Tint, but it’s on my list! I remembered the Physicians Formula blush after I scheduled this post so I had to edit and include it. It’s such a good product and the formula is so light and easy to blend. It’s easier to get your hands on than the SheGlam or the XX Revolution. The SheGlam Liquid Blush blends like.a.dream and is pure perfection at $5.

KVD Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Hydrating Balm
–$40.50 at Sephora, Ulta
–40 shades
–Cruelty free
–Extreme full coverage, lightweight, hydrating
–Worth it? NO
–Alternatives: Milani Cream-to-Powder Foundation, $9-11, 22 shades, cruelty free || CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless, $12-16, 12 shades, cruelty free
–I tried EVERYTHING to make the KVD Good Apple Foundation work. I used different primers, tools, powders, setting sprays, everything and it just wasn’t a good product for me. It broke up and just didn’t sit well on my skin. It is full coverage, lightweight, and hydrating. I agree with all of the reasons it went viral. The two alternatives I listed worked SO much better for me and my skin type and are a fraction of the price of the KVD. Save your money and head to the drugstore.
–KVD review, CoverGirl review, Milani review

Anastasia Brow Freeze Styling Wax
–$23 at Ulta, Sephora
–Cruelty free
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: elf Brow Lift, $6, cruelty free
–You can get the same hold and staying power with any of the products listed above at a fraction of the cost of the Anastasia. I like the Brow Freeze and it definitely works. I haven’t tried the elf, but from what I’ve read and seen, it’s literally the same thing.
–Anastasia review

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
–$30 at Ulta (Ultra Creamy, Original)
–35 shades
–Cruelty free
–Full coverage, easy to blend, crease-proof, long wearing
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: CoverGirl TruBlend Undercover, $8-12, 30 shades, cruelty free
–I, along with the rest of the world, bought into the Shape Tape craze. When it first came out, there wasn’t another product like it on the market. I like the original and the Ultra Creamy formulation and I love the full coverage they provide. However, there are SO many dupes available that it’s just not worth the $30 price tag. The CoverGirl is just as good, if not better, than Tarte and it’s so much cheaper.
–Shape Tape review, Shape Tape Ultra Creamy review, CoverGirl review

NYX Marshmellow Smoothing Primer
–$17 at Ulta, Target
–Cruelty free
–Smooths, blurs, creates a perfect canvas for makeup application
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: NYX Angel Veil, $17, cruelty free
–Right of the bat, the price is STEEP for a drugstore brand, but there is a mini that’s available for $8. I do not like the scent this primer has. It doesn’t linger, thankfully, but I wish it didn’t have a fragrance at all. For a while this was sold out and hard to get, but the hype has died down and it’s back in stock. I liked it, it did smooth the skin and create a great base for foundation application, but I didn’t get the hype as I didn’t think it was anything super special. The alternative I listed isn’t any cheaper, but I think the Marshmellow primer and the Angel Veil are essentially the same in regards to finish and feel, the ingredients is where they differ. The Angel Veil also comes in a mini. If you can’t find the Marshmellow, grab the Angel Veil. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
–Marshmellow review, Angel Veil review

Anastasia Brow Wiz
–$23 at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom
–12 shades
–Cruelty free
–Ultra-fine tip makes it easy to mimic brow hair strokes, long lasting, smudge proof
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: LA Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil, $5.99, 10 shades, cruelty free
–Anastasia Beverly Hills had almost complete control of the brow market for a while. If you wanted bomb brows, you bought Anastasia products. Eventually, the affordable brands caught on and made their own version of the brow wiz and I haven’t bought a Brow Wiz in years. There are so many dupes that there is no need to spend $23 for a brow pencil. I use a brow pencil daily and I go through them quickly and $23 every few months adds up. LA Girl’s Shady Slim Brow Pencil is a PERFECT dupe and is $6 and goes on sale a lot at Ulta. Skip the Brow Wiz.
–I don’t have dedicated reviews to either product, but I have used both several times and I love both.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
–$39 at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom
–3 shades
–Cruelty free
–Locks makeup in place for all day wear, finely milled, oil control, non-comedogenic
–Worth it? NO
–Alternative: Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder, $5-9, 8 shades, not cruelty free
–The Laura Mercier powder was a STAPLE of mine when I had oily skin years ago. It was the only product that could keep my oil at bay and help my makeup last all day. I repurchased it so many times. However, I’ve gone on to find several dupes that do the exact same thing with a much lower price tag. My favorite being the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder. It’s as cheap as $5 depending on where you buy it and has more shades than the Laura Mercier, but it’s not cruelty free.
–Laura Mercier review


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  1. Michele Carter Avatar
    Michele Carter

    Thank you so much for giving alternatives to high priced make up!!! Love that you do this!!!


    1. I love finding cheaper options!


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