July Favorites

  • LL Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag–My birthday present to myself was this tote bag with “birkin” embroidered on it. I got the idea from the @ironicboatandtote Instagram. I’ll settle for this LL Bean Birkin until I can get an Hermes.
  • Gel X Nail Kit–This was one of my Prime Day purchases and I love it. It’s so easy to use! Much easier than acrylic and more substantial and long lasting than press ons.
  • DND Nail Polish Duos–I love OPI polishes, but they are SO pricey these days. I can get a regular nail polish and a gel polish in these sets for less than the price of one OPI. I’ve purchased several duos and I’m working to build up my collection. I get mine on Amazon.
  • Stoney Clover Lane Dupe Bags–I love the Stoney Clover bags but I am NOT paying that price. I found these dupes on Amazon and the patches on Etsy. I purchased all 3 bags and patches for less than the price of ONE customized bag on the SC site.
  • Billie Razor–I had the Billie subscription at one point, but I started getting really bad razor burn so I cancelled it. I’m not sure if they changed it or what, but this razor is SO GOOD. It doesn’t cause any irritation and gives a close, smooth shave.
  • Jaclyn Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner in Yes, B*tch–I’ve never met a neon pink lipstick that I didn’t like and this one just might be my favorite. These liquid lipsticks are pigmented, long lasting, and not drying at all. I normally wouldn’t recommend a high end lip liner, but this formula is pure perfection. They are worth every penny!
  • S’mores Trail Mix–I got this Aldi and I am addicted. I freaking love s’mores and this is just divine. I will not disclose how many bags I’ve purchased and eaten. If you have an Aldi, go buy it and thank me later. It’s seasonal so I will be hoarding it.
  • Bracelet Stack–I’ve found my perfect bracelet stack/combo and I’ve been wearing it every day. From top to bottom: enewton, Davis Designs, David Yurman, Hartlen & Co, & John Hardy
  • Pencil Boxes–My pen addiction is no secret and I was trying to find a way to organize the ones I keep in my work bag. I found these boxes on Amazon and got my sister to make me some monogram stickers and they turned out so cute!

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