June Favorites

  • Monogram Tote Bag–I wanted a fun bag for summer that wasn’t too pricey and this one fit the bill. The quality is great and I’m a sucker for anything with a monogram, especially if that monogram is pink and glitter.
  • The Coldest Water Bottle–I like my water freezing cold and I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable water bottle that truly keeps water cold all day and this is it. I’ve left in the hot car for hours and my water is still cold. It’s also pretty and glittery.
  • Jaclyn Cosmetics Poutspoken Lip Liners–I rarely buy high end lip liners as I have a lot of favorites from the drugstore, but these are so worth the price. Jaclyn has a coordinating lip liner to go with every liquid lipstick so you can get a matching pair. They are only $18 and I think that’s a fair price.
  • Maybelline SuperStay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipcolors–I’m not sure why I’m not seeing these blow on TikTok or other social media because they are SO good. I bought one to try it out and immediately added a few more to my collection. They are long wearing, don’t transfer, last all day, are comfortable, and not drying. It’s like a traditional liquid lipstick, but it has a shiny, non-matte finish.
  • Clear Apple Watch Band–I wanted a watch band that was more lightweight and summery that had links and of course, Amazon delivered. I don’t love the silicone bands so I’m glad I could find some one with links.
  • Haleys Beauty Re-Mix Complexion Sponge–Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the original beautyblender, but I never buy one unless I can get it on sale. I’ve tried all the dupes and I’ve found some good ones, but this one might be the closest. It’s SO soft and bouncy. It’s easy to clean, affordable, and it’s on Prime.
  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in Green–I was really hoping my acne would go away as I got older, but no such luck. I use this on my red blemishes, tap it in with my finger, and then lightly set it with powder. Then I go in with foundation and it really helps tone down the redness and cover the blemish.
  • Morphe x Jaclyn Hill JH03 Foundation Brush–My friend Maggy has been trying to convince me that this is the best foundation brush, but I’ve resisted buying it because I have so many brushes. Morphe had a half off sale earlier this month so I decided to get it. She is definitely right, this brush is amazing. Just get it and thank me later.
  • Dior Creme Apricot Cuticle Cream–My person gave me this for Christmas and now I’m obsessed with it. It’s really nourishing for my extremely dry cuticles and it makes me feel fancy when I use it. I didn’t need another expensive habit, but here we are.
  • Weekly Schedule Notepad in Leo–(not picutred) I live and die by a to do list at work and at home, but I use this list at work. I love being able to plan my week out as well as jot things down quickly. Also, it’s freaking cute.

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