April Favorites

  • Kiko Milano Baseline Water Eyeshadow in Champagne–I’ve got a more in depth review of this coming so here’s the short version: it’s the most stunning eyeshadow I’ve ever used and I love it.
  • Lancome Hydra Zen Moisturizer–I got this half off during the 21 Days of Beauty, but I will gladly pay full price when I run out. I love gel moisturizers as they absorb quickly and make my skin feel so soft and supple.
  • Etta Vee x Fit & Fresh Lunch Bag–I’ve become obsessed with Etta Vee art. I love all the colors and patterns. This lunch box came with a tumbler so you know that really sent me. This collaboration is exclusive to Sams Club and is such a good deal. You get 5 pieces (bag, tumbler, 2 plastic containers, and an ice pack) for $20.
  • KVD Epic Curl Vegan Lash Primer–I raved about this on Instagram earlier this week and I have a full review coming, but just know you need it.
  • Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick in Peach Bums–This is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Highlighter Wand in Pinkgasm that is constantly sold out. I wouldn’t buy the Charlotte Tilbury one anyway because I don’t like the packaging. I love the formula of the Wet n Wild, it’s to apply & blend, and the color and glow is gorgeous. I want to try some of their other makeup sticks.
  • Coffee Mug–If I had to describe myself in a sentence, that would be it.
  • Starburst Drink Mixes in Strawberry & Cherry–This combination is SO good. You can find the mixes at Wal Mart, Dollar General, and most grocery stores. I mix one pack of each in 32 oz of water and drink it ice cold and it’s so tasty and refreshing. Plain water gets boring so I like to switch up my flavors.

2 responses to “April Favorites”

  1. Beautyofcafe205 Avatar

    LOVE the coffee mug and the Kiko eyeshadow is gorgeous — would be amazing as a highlighter.


    1. Yes it would, the formula is amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

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