Foundation Friday: Set & Extend

The two are certainly not the same, but most people use the term “setting spray” as a general term for all sprays. If you feel like you haven’t been getting the most out of your spray, see which category your product falls in. Some makeup extender sprays also work as setting sprays, but most setting sprays don’t prolong the wear of your makeup. And yes, using a spray does make a difference and they do work.

*also a setting spray

For normal days, I usually just use a setting spray as I don’t need extended wear daily. I use both if it’s a special occasion or I know I have a long day. If you have oily skin, definitely look for a setting spray with mattifying ingredients. Urban Decay and Milani both have sprays for all skin types–normal, dry, and oily–and they’re all great. It just depends on how much you want to spend. I always have All Nighter on hand.

My Top Picks
–Setting: Morphe Continuous Setting Mist
–Extend: Urban Decay All Nighter


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