Planner Tour 2022

I’m trying to advance to the 21st century and go digital with planning, but I just can’t let go of my paper planner. I’ve gone digital for blog planning content so that’s a big step.

I’ve used a paper planner to keep track of life since high school. (I will not disclose how long ago that was) I’ve tried lots of different brands and I definitely have a favorite, but I still usually try a new one each year.

The planner I got for 2022 is from Target. Rachel Parcell, one of my favorite bloggers, did a collaboration with Blue Sky. I LOVE her, Target, planning, and leopard print and I couldn’t get it in my cart fast enough. My sister made me the monogram sticker and I added the others. I like the size and layout, I just wish the pages were a little thicker.

I keep track of everything in here—PTO, appointments, Windsor’s appointments, blog posts, chores, bills, you name it. Planner stickers just make my heart so happy. I get most of mine from Etsy and my favorite shop is I also added a Bible verse and snippet from one of my devotions to each week.

I keep my stickers organized in a small binder I got on Amazon and I keep my planner and sticker binder in a case that is designed for iPad. I like having everything together. If I didn’t already carry everything and the kitchen sink in my purse, I’d keep it there but there is no room. I do usually have it with me though.

I place everything—birthdays, appointments, etc on the month page layout and on the day it occurs on the weekly page layouts.

Planner: Target
Stickers: Plan to Plan on Etsy
Sticker Organizer: Amazon


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