December Favorites

  1. LA Girl Mauve + Fenty Gloss Bomb Cream in Cupcake—I found the perfect nude lip combo for my skintone. I don’t prefer nude lips, y’all know I love a bright, bold color, but this is GORG.
  2. AJ Morgan Not Standard Sunnies—I saw these on a blogger on Instagram and had to have them. I was scared to click the link because I knew they were bound to be expensive but they weren’t. I bought mine on the AJ Morgan site and used a coupon code. They’re less than $30!
  3. Good Molecules Overnight Exfoliating Treatment—If you have textured skin, get this. I could tell a difference in my skin after a few uses. I use it a few times a week (I use this serum on the days I’m not using this) and my skin is so SMOOTH and clear. It has changed my skin so much and it’s $6. SIX DOLLARS. You need it. If you do get it, start with once a week and work your way up to two or three times. It is potent so tread lightly and DO NOT use it every night. The acids in it will make you very susceptible to the sun so be sure to wear an SPF, which you should be doing anyway. (Sunscreen favorites are linked here and here)
  4. Wet n Wild Impossible Primer—This primer is very interesting. It looks like a silicone primer, but it doesn’t have any silicone ingredients in it. I don’t have oily skin so I can’t speak to the mattifying claim, but I do think it adds some hydration and creates the perfect smooth base for makeup application.
  5. Packed Party Mugs—I am OBSESSED with cups. Mugs, water bottles, tumblers, doesn’t matter the type, I love them all. I also love glitter so buying these cups was a no brainer. They are sold out on line, but check your local Wal Mart.
  6. Planner Sticker Binder/Organizer—I have a slight obsession with planner stickers. I love to plan and organize and use pretty colorful pens. These stickers and organizer/binder thing bring me immense joy.
  7. Good Molecules BHA Gel Cream—My friend Maggy recommended this product and the Overnight Exfoliating Treatment to me and I owe her my life for it. Dramatic but true. I use this cream after I use my serum and then go in with moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and has helped keep my skin texture free, soft, and I’ve had significantly less breakouts since I started using it. I always break out before I start, that’s inevitable, but I’ve noticed that the blemishes aren’t as severe (I’m prone to cystic acne) and clear up faster since I’ve started using this product. It’s $10 and I highly recommend if you have acne prone skin.
  8. Bauble Bar Ring Stack—(Top to Bottom: Alice, Amelia, Amara) These rings were on sale for $12 on Black Friday and they are originally $44 each. I got all 3 for less than the price of one. I love a good deal! I love them stacked together or stacked with other rings. It’s fun to change it up! The quality is good and they don’t turn my finger green.
  9. Makeup Organizer—My makeup collection had outgrown the organizer that I had so I was on the hunt for a bigger acrylic organizer that wasn’t hundreds of dollars. I wish the drawers were a little deeper, but other than that, it’s perfect.
  10. Gold Lamp & Gold Bookends—I don’t have much space on my desk for a lamp so I wanted to get a floor lamp, but I had trouble finding one that I liked that ws too expensive. Amazon to the rescue yet again. This one was affordable, easy to assemble, and does the job. I keep my Bible, devotion book(s), and devotion journal on my desk, usually in a pile to the side. Again, I don’t have much surface space so I got these bookends which allowed me to store them vertically so they take up less space. It also looks really cute and I love how the gold bookends and lamp look together.
  11. Apple Pencil Case—My Apple Pencil dupe, pencil charger, AirPods, and phone/iPad charger all have a place to be stored safely so I don’t lose any of the parts/pieces.


2 responses to “December Favorites”

  1. Hey Hannah,

    Do you think that the Good Molecules Exfoliating cream would be good on sensitive skin? I want to try it but I have sensitive skin.

    Thanks & Happy New Year! Michele


    1. I do! I have sensitive skin too. I just use it twice a week. Over usage will definitely cause irritation, but as long as you don’t do that, you should be fine. Happy New Year!


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