Ofra Cosmetics

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–Started by Ofra & David Gaito in 1994
–Based in Florida
–Does everything in house from product creation to testing, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and shipping
–Makeup & skincare
–Most known for their liquid lipsticks and highlighters
–Sold at Ultaofracosmetics.com

Best Product Flexi Slick Lip Cream 
Underrated Product Flexi Slick Lip Cream

Buy Lip products 
Pass –

Improve Product offerings

Northern Lights Primer (review)
Flexi Slick Lip Cream (review)
Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick
Pillow Talk Highlighter

To Try 
Absolute Cover Foundation
Eyeshadow Palette
Corrector Pot
Eye Gel Primer
Glazed Donut Highlighter
Star Island Highlighter

My Opinion 
Ofra’s liquid lipstick formula in addition to their influencer collabs, put them on the map. I haven’t tried much from the brand, but I’ve been pleased with the quality of what I have tried. I LOVE their Flexi Slick Lip Cream formula and I wish they had more shades. Their highlighters are STUNNING and extremely blinding which I love, but it’s not for everyone. One of the co-owners has been in some hot water lately over political things, but again, I’m here for the makeup.


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