Mascara Monday: Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lashes

–Lash tint technology to darken lashes
–No clumping
–No flaking
–Full, fanned out lashes
–No smudging
–No fading
–Volume that lasts up to 24 hours
–Curvy side adds volume, flat side fans out lashes

–$9.49 at Ulta
–$6.97 at Wal Mart
–$7.99 at Target

Shade Range
–My Shade: Black

–Builds without clumping
–Waterproof option

–Not cruelty free

Final Thoughts
–LOVE this mascara!
–Revlon has stepped it up in the mascara department. I used to not like nay of their mascara, but their most recent releases have been good.
-My lashes looked AMAZING—full, voluminous, fanned out, curled, long, and separated

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