Makeup Revolution

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–Started in 2013 by Adam Minto and Tom Allsworth
–Fast beauty concept—launch products weekly to being the latest beauty trends and product innovations to market quickly at affordable prices
–Committed to inclusivity. To them, makeup matters—regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality
–#OpenMinds is Revolution’s call for everyone to celebrate diversity, embrace imperfection, respect self-expression and support beauty in its many shapes and forms
–Best known for duping high end products
–Available at Ulta, Target, and

–There are 5 brands under the Revolution Beauty umbrella
1. Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution) was the first brand to launch in 2014. High quality makeup with innovative formulas that rival prestige brands
2. Revolution PRO. Curated collection of hero cosmetics for the person looking for a sophisticated product edit.
3. I Heart Revolution. Celebrates the fun, playful side of the beauty world, with unique products and quirky packaging
4. Revolution Skincare. Offers high quality, targeted solutions for the person that takes skincare seriously. Better skincare. Better makeup.
5. Makeup Obsession. Feel-good addition to your makeup bag with positive affirmations covering trend-led power palettes and for the social world.

Best Product: Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation
Underrated Product: Renaissance Flick Eye Liner

Buy: Foundation & concealer
Pass: Mascara

Improve: —

Conceal & Glow Foundation (review)
–Revolution Pro CC Cream (review)
–Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage (review)
Conceal & Define Infinite XL Concealer (review)
Conceal & Define Satin Matte Powder Foundation (review)
Conceal & Hydrate Foundation (review)
Conceal & Hydrate Concealer (review)
Conceal & Define Concealer (review)
Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation (review)
Fast Base Stick (review)
Makeup Obsession Mega Conceal
Conceal & Fix Ultimate Coverage Concealer
Makeup Obsession Quick Stick Foundation (review coming!)
Good Vibes Lash Primer (review)
Superdewy Tinted Moisturizer (review coming!)
Revolution Pro CC Perfecting Pressed Powder (review)
Conceal & Fix Setting Powder (review)
Revolution Pro Translucent Hydra-Matte Setting Powder
Loose Baking Powder
Renaissance Flick Eye Liner
Acne & Pore Refining Serum 10% Niacinamide + 1% Zinc
5D Lash Mascara (review)

To Try
Revolution Satin Kiss Lip Liner
Revolution XX Glow Skin FauXXdation
Revolution XX XXFine Micro Brow Pencil
Makeup Obsession Matchmaker Lip Crayon
Revolution Pro Priming Water
Revolution Glow Fix Illuminating Setting Spray
Revolution Pro Ultimate Radiant Under Eye Concealer 
Revolution XX CompleXXion Cloud Primer
Revolution XX Second Skin CompleXXion Primer Cream
–Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush
I Heart Revolution Heartbreakers Radiance Loose Powder
Revolution Skincare Overnight Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Revolution Skincare Pineapple Enzyme Glow Gommage Peel
Revolution Skincare Overnight Restoring Concentrate

My Opinion
I LOVE this brand. It is my favorite affordable brand an I am so glad they are in Target now and easier for me to access. Their foundation shade 0.5 is my EXACT and PERFECT shade match. They understand very fair, cool skin tones and make shades for such and I appreciate it. They have excellent shade ranges and are very inclusive. I love to see it. My all-time favorite foundation is the Conceal & Define Full Coverage. If I could only wear one foundation for the rest of my days, that would be it. The brand has been in hot water over the years for duping high end products, especially eye shadow palettes. I understand that making an exact replica is frowned upon, but at the same time, not everyone can afford a $50 palette at Sephora so a $10 dupe is much better option for the masses. I appreciate their dupes because I don’t see paying more than necessary. As you can see, I’ve tried and reviewed a lot of their products and have a lot more on my Wish List. They nail complexion products and I get so excited when they release a new foundation. I’m dying to try the Revolution XX Glow Skin FauXXdation, but I’m forcing myself to work through some others before I purchased.


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