Foundation Friday: Foundation Fixers

Today’s post is all about how to make almost any foundation work for you and your skin type.

The foundation you chose is important, but there are other factors that can determine how your foundation applies, looks, and wears and those things are

1. Skincare/prep
2. Mix-Ins
3. Setting Spray

I don’t do much skincare in the mornings. Mainly because I’m lazy and always running behind, but also because I do a full routine at night. I use micellar water and an SPF. YOU ALWAYS NEED SPF. EVERY SINGLE DAY. ALWAYS

–Dry :: Supergoop Glow Screen, $36
–Oily :: Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 45, $42
–Normal :: Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel SPF 50, $12

Usually those with dry skin prefer a more radiant finish, oily skin folks prefer matte, and normal skin folks can go either way.

I have dry skin but depending on the products I use I can make any foundation work for my by switching up primers, powder, setting sprays, and different mix-ins.

I know you’re thinking, “I just bought foundation. I don’t want to buy another product to make it work.” I get it. However, these recommendations are affordable.

I have fair skin and there isn’t always a shade match for me. If it’s a formula I really want to try or really like, I make it work by lightening with a white mixer. There are a few types of mix-ins…

1. Shade Adjusters—I use white mixer because I need to lighten formulas. There are also mixers to darken foundation

2. Pigment Drops—You can use these to add coverage. If you prefer lighter coverage, but like to kick it up a notch on occasion, these are for you. These can also be used alone.

3. Add hydration/glow/mattify—If you tend to get oily in the summer, keep your dewy foundation and get some mattifying drops to mix in during the more humid months.

4. Skincare—Add in ingredients like Vitamin C, tea tree, SPF, etc

Physicians Formula Shade Adjusting Drops, $12.95
LA Girl Pro Color Foundation Mixing Pigments, $8.99
NYX Total Control Pro Hue Shifter, $14
LA Girl Pro Cover Liquid Foundation in White, $8.99 (my personal favorite that I use all the time)

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, $29
Dermablend Flawless Creator, $40
No7 Made Match, $14.99
NYX Total Control Pro Drop Foundation, $14

elf Hydrating Booster Drops, $10
Cover FX Mattifying Booster Drops, $45
Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Mattifying Drops, $12
NYX Total Control Pro Drop Liquid Illuminator, $14
You can also add in some tinted moisturizer for added hydration

Cover FX SPF 30 Booster Drops, $45
elf Clarifying Booster Drops (tea tree, witch hazel), $10
Cover FX Brightening Drops (Vitamin C), $45
elf Antioxidant (Vitamins C & E), $10

First, let’s discuss the difference in setting sprays and makeup extender sprays. A setting spray does just that, sets your makeup in place. It helps settle powders and helps your makeup and skin mesh together. A makeup extender spray helps pro long the wear of your makeup.

Setting sprays are KEY for me. It can make or break my opinion on a foundation/powder/etc. It can definitely transform your look. I like a more radiant finish, but I don’t want to look dewy or wet. I use a setting spray and a makeup extender spray whenever I do my makeup.

–Dry Skin: Catrice Dewy Glow
–Oily Skin: Morphe Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist
–Normal: MAC Fix+ (this one works for all skin types)

–Dry Skin: Urban Decay All Nighter Glow ($33)  // Milani Make It Dewy ($10)
–Oily Skin: Urban Decay All Nighter De-Slick ($33) // Milani Make It Last Charcoal ($10)
–Normal Skin: Urban Decay All Nighter ($33) // Milani Make It Last ($10)
*I like the Milani sprays, but I personally think the Urban Decay Setting Sprays are worth the price. They just can’t be beat and while there are similar options at the drugstore, the UD sprays just work better and last longer, in my opinion.

In Practice—example, Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation

I love full coverage foundation and I really wanted to try this product. However, most full coverage foundations are usually heavy and don’t always sit well on my skin. I knew I could make this work with a few extra products that I already had in my collection.

I prepped my skin with a moisturizer, used a hydrating primer & primer water, mixed in the elf Hydrating Booster Drops and finished with the Catrice Dewy Glow Setting Spray and the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. My skin didn’t look cakey or heavy. In fact, it looked FLAWLESS. This foundation is one of my favorites but only with the right combination of products.

I know this seems like a lot, but I genuinely enjoy trying different combinations of products. I might have enjoyed science more if they used makeup for experiments.


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