–Created by Cara Brook
–Quality, innovative products that can be used by every woman, no matter her age or complexion or level of experience
–Started as Maskcara Beauty in 2013 and rebranded to Seint in 2020
–Cruelty free –Direct sales/MLM structure
–Can buy online or through an “artist”
–Makeup, skincare, brushes
–Highlighting and Contouring made easy
–Simplify your routine, full face in one compact

Base Products
Highlight: 17 shades, $14 (recommend that you get 2 shades one to use as “foundation” and another, lighter shade to use as concealer)
Contour: 10 shades, $14
Lip+Cheek: 20 shades, 3 finishes, $14
Bronzer: 1 shade, $14
Illuminator: 5 cream, $14 and 5 powder, $16
Vanilla Dust Setting Powder, $16

Eye Products
Single Shimmer Powder Shadows: 32 shades, $12
Single Matte Powder Shadows: 22 shades, $12
Single Glitter Shadow: 4 shades, $14
Single Cream Shadows: 4 shades, $14
Brow Wax, $18
Black Friday (cream) Eyeliner, $16

The Rest
Brush Cleaning Tile, $14
Perfume Tiles: 4 scents, $22
Brushes: 7 total, $22-36 (complete set is $175)
Setting Spray, $29
Perfector Sponge, $14
Brush Cleanser, $24
Palettes, $15-89
Lip Conditioner: 2 scents, $16
Skincare, $45-50 (complete set is $140)

My Palette :: Seint Products
1. Lip+Cheek used as Corrector: Frenchie
2. Highlight: Moonlit
3. Foundation: Linen
4. Lip+Cheek: Hollywood
5.Contour: Aspen
–Powder Shadows: (10) Oak & (9) Sabrina
–Cream Shadows: (8) Tangled & (7) Arabian Nights
16. Setting Powder: Vanilla Dust

My Palette :: Non-Seint Products
13. KVD Beauty Palette Refill in Taupe
6. Colour Pop Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian
12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in Vermeer
17. Billion Dollar Beauty Highlighter in Mystic
11. Billion Dollar Beauty Waterproof Brow Pomade in Light Brown
21. MAC Single Shadow in Nylon
NARS Blushes in (20) Orgasm, (15) Deep Throat, & (19) Dolce Vita
14. NARS Bronzer in Laguna
22. Lorac Single Shadow in Opal
18. Makeup Geek Single Shadow in Mocha

–Love the customization options
–Innovative brands and product offerings
–Shade range and numbers aren’t vast, but tones and offerings are good
–Shade matches for me
–Easy to blend
–Buildable coverage
–Full face in one palette :: amazing for travel, storage, and it’s convenient
–Multi-purpose products i.e. lip+cheek, eyeshadow to fill in brows & use as a liner, illuminator for eyeshadow, etc.
–Easy and fair return process

–Online only
–Expensive up front cost
–MLM/direct sales/social selling structure
–Do not like the cream highlight formula. It’s too emollient & oily

Final Thoughts
–Spoiler alert…I love this makeup
–Highlighting and contouring can be intimidating, but this formula is forgiving and user friendly
–Can’t beat the convenience of a full face in one compact. Only things I add are mascara, brow gel, setting spray, and lipstick
–I used some products I already had to create my perfect palette. These products fit easily into my collection, but the Seint palette/products can BE your collection
–Perfect if you travel frequently, are short on space, and/or need to get ready quickly
–I prefer to use a separate loose powder (RCMA No Color) because I just prefer loose powder, but I do like the Vanilla Dust powder.
–I can use the Seint Shadow in Oak or the Billion Dollar Brow Pomade to fill in my brows. However, I can do them faster with a pencil so that’s what I usually do.
–I had the cream illuminator in Peal and I did not like it. It looked pretty on the skin, but it’s too emollient and oil would pool in the pan. I scraped it out and put my favorite highlighter, Colour Pop Flexitarian in the tin
–There is an eyeliner option, but it’s black. Black is too harsh for me so I bought the cream shadow in Arabian Nights to use as eyeliner
–I found a dupe for the IIID Brush on Amazon. It comes in a set and I use on for contour & blush and the other for powder bronzer and powder blush.
–Once you get the hang of it, you can really get a full face in a flash
–I’m certainly not getting rid of all my makeup and just using this, but I am glad to have it my collection
–Approve and recommend
–Follow @allisonjjenks on Instagram and fill out her color match form (I linked here) if you are interested in trying out the brand. She is the artist I purchased my makeup from her and she is so sweet and helpful
–You don’t have to set the cream products, but I do. I just prefer to set with powder and a setting spray to aid in longevity.
–I don’t use with a primer. I use a hydrating SPF and moisturizer to prep my skin.

To Try
Brushes: I like the Amazon brushes, but I do want to try a few from the brand.
Powder Illuminator
Brow Wax

Before & After

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