Colour Pop Cosmetics

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–Started in Los Angeles in 2014
–Wallet friendly
–Cruelty free

Best Product: Anything from the Pretty Fresh line
Underrated Product: BFF Mascara

Buy: Eyeshadows and lip products
Pass: Loose Setting Powder

Improve: Setting powder options

Pretty Fresh Foundation (review)
Pretty Fresh Hydrating Setting Mist
Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer
Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer (review)
Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer (review)
BFF Mascara (review)
No Filter Primer (review)
No Filter Setting Spray (review)
No Filter Foundation Stick (review)
No Filter Natural Matte Foundation (review)
No Filter Concealer (review)
No Filter Loose Setting Powder (review)
Going Coconuts Eyeshadow Palette
Super Shock Shadows
Pressed Powder Shadow Singles
Jelly Much Shadow
Crème Gel Liner
Crème Gel Colour
BFF Liquid Liner
Brow Boss Gel
Brow Boss Pencil
Brow Precision Pencil
Liquid Lipsticks
Lip Gloss
Lippie Stix
Lip Tint
Lippie Pencil
Super Shock Highlighter
Lite Stix
Pressed Powder Blush
Super Shock Blush
Blush Stix
–Pressed Powder Highlighter
Blending Sponge
–Various brushes
Pressed Powder Bronzer

To Try
Thirst Aid Priming Moisturizer
Fourth Ray Skincare
Pretty Fresh Hydrating Illuminator

My Opinion
Simply put, I’m over Colour Pop. Clearly, I’ve tried A LOT of their products. They offer quality products at low prices and I appreciate that. However, it’s just too much. They release ENTIRE new collections once a week and it’s too much. It’s too much waste, it fuels consumerism, and it’s overwhelming. They have lip products, eye products, and complexion enhancer as well. Their Pretty Fresh line is my favorite and I love all the products that I’ve tried from that line. The No Filter line is more matte and doesn’t work as well for m y dry skin. The loose setting powder was a DIASTER for me. I wish they would come out with a luminous or hydrating setting powder. Their current offerings are just too matte for my dry skin. So many people rave about their eyeliners, but they are dry and tug on my eyes and I do not like them. Their liquid liner is good though! I just wish they would chill out with the releases. I do think it’s a good brand and clearly constant releases work for them. If you are just getting interested in makeup or looking to expand your collection without spending a lot, this is the brand for you.


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