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–Founded by Christina Oster-Daum in 2004 in Germany
–Came to the US in 2015
–Quality makeup, affordable price
–Face products are their forte
–Cruelty free
–Available at Ulta and

Best Product: Prime & Fine Dewy Glow Finishing Spray
Underrated Product: Blush Boxes

Buy: Primers
Pass: Eye shadows

Improve: Shade range

HD Liquid Coverage Foundation (review)
Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer (review)
One Drop Coverage Weightless Concealer (review)
Prime & Fine Dewy Glow Finishing Spray
Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof
1 Minute Face Perfector
Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner (review)
Prime & Fine Poreless Blur Primer
Blush Box (review)
HD Baking and Loose Setting Powder (review)
Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette
Prime & Fine Aqua Fresh Hydro Primer
Clean ID Hydro BB Cream
Triangle Artist Contour Stick
Sungasm Luminizing Bronzer
Liquid Camouflage Under Eye Primer
Slim ‘Matic Ultra Brow Pen Waterproof
Glam & Doll Volumizing Mascara Primer
Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara (review)
Lip Oil
Shake Fix Glow Spray

To Try
True Skin Hydrating Foundation (review coming soon)

My Opinion
As you can see from the long list of products that I’ve tried that I love this brand. The products are affordable and for the most part, really good. Their site says that face products are the fore and I have to agree. Their primers and setting sprays are bomb. Their HD Liquid Coverage Foundation has a great formula, but it’s a little too matte for my dry skin. If you have normal, oily, or combo skin, I think you’ll love it. I’m excited to try their hydrating foundation. I hope it will work better for me! Their Liquid Camouflage Concealer offers amazing coverage without being dry or heavy. They have expanded their shade range a few times, but there is still room for improvement. All of their lightest shades are still too dark for me. They definitely need to expand the fair and deep shade ranges. I also think they could add a more hydrating, not quite as matte setting powder. They do have a luminizing powder, but it’s not translucent and the shade is too dark for me. I think their blushes and bronzers are extremely underrated. The product offerings in Europe are far vaster than what we have here in the US. I hope they continue to expand their offerings in the States.


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