Speed Reviews: Volume V

Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush

Highlights—Silky, primer-infused powder that locks in luminous color :: hydrating :: seamless blend

Price–$23 at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom

Shade Range—6
My Shades—Dolly & Mykonos

Cruelty Free—Yes

Pros—Sleek packaging :: contains hyaluronic acid :: pigmented :: lasts all day :: easy to blend :: little goes a long way :: shade range isn’t vast, but the tones are good and would work for a variety of skin tones :: gorgeous sheen


Thoughts—These blushes get lots of hype on YouTube and I get it :: I bought them half off on Black Friday :: gorgeous shades :: lasts all day :: VERY pigmented, don’t be heavy handed :: blend easily :: need very little product so these will last a long time :: slight sheen so if you prefer matte, might want to pass :: I’m a big fan!


It Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Volumizing Tinted Fiber Eyebrow Gel

Highlights—Visibly fuller brows for up to 16 hours of wear :: waterproof :: one and done brow product :: micro-flocked tip to fill in sparse areas and molded bristles to tint, shape, and set :: contains hair-like fibers

Price–$24 at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom

Shade Range—4
My Shade—Taupe

Pros—One & done product for me :: shade range :: shade match for me :: innovative applicator :: amazing hold, brows are ON and THERE :: agree with all claims


Thoughts—OBSESSED :: Holding power of ABH Clear Brow Gel and I’ve not found another product that does :: my brows are pretty full, just very light, so this product is all I need to get a full brow :: a one and done product :: I got half off on Black Friday, but I will gladly repurchase at full price


Rare Beauty Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer

Highlights—Weightless, silicone-free :: smooths, hydrates, and illuminates :: ingredients to help soothe and calm skin :: ultra-fine pearls for a lit-from-within glow

Price–$14-26 at Sephora

Cruelty Free—Yes & vegan

Pros—Mini size for travel/testing :: packaging, pump! :: very radiant and glowy :: hydrating

Cons—Price :: availability (Sephora exclusive)

Thoughts—Looks really thick, but blends in easily :: agree with all claims :: I like this, but there are similar, cheaper products that do the same thing


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Highlights—Weightless :: long-lasting :: buildable :: soft, healthy flush :: blends beautifully

Price–$20 at Sephora

Shade Range—8 (4 matte, 4 radiant)
My Shade—Bliss

Cruelty Free—Yes & vegan

Pros—Packaging :: matte and radiant options :: shade range :: easy to blend :: long lasting :: a little goes a long way :: agree with all claims :: buildable

Cons—Price :: availability

Thoughts—Cream blush can be intimidating, but this one is very user friendly :: it’s easy to blend and you can build it up or sheer it out :: you don’t need a lot of product, go in light :: since you need so little, this bottle will last a while and I think the price is fair


elf Putty Blush

Highlights—Lightweight :: buildable :: blends seamlessly :: melts into skin :: highly pigmented :: semi-matte powder finish

Price–$6 at elfcosmetics.com, Ulta, Target

Shade Range—8 at elfcosmetics.com :: 5 at Ulta :: 4 at Target
My Shade—Turks & Caicos

Cruelty Free—Yes & vegan

Pros—Shade range :: affordable :: easy to blend :: pigmented :: long lasting :: only need a little product so this will last a while :: agree with all claims

Cons—Not all shades available at all retailers

Thoughts—LOVE:: very easy to work with for those intimidated by the color or formula :: it’s buildable :: can work with any look :: lasted all day :: highly recommend


Pixi +C Vit UnderEye Brightener

Highlights—Ease dullness :: soothes skin around eyes :: suitable for all skin types :: great base for under eye concealer

Price–$16 at Target, Ulta, pixibeauty.com

Cruelty Free—Yes

Pros—Added hydration


Thoughts—Mid-tier price range :: didn’t notice any real benefits, but it didn’t make it worse :: not enough correcting for me, still went in with a separate corrector :: hydrated and smooth under eye area, but an eye cream would do the same :: not a necessary product, save your money


Wet n Wild Cloud Pout Marshmellow Lip Mousse

Highlights—Soft-matte :: buildable :: blendable :: lightweight :: nourish and moisturizer :: hydrate :: smooth the appearance of fine lines :: blurred :: soft-focus finish

Price–$4.99 at Ulta & Walgreens :: $3.98 at Wal Mart

Shade Range—13
My Shade—Cotton Candy Skies

Cruelty Free—Yes

Pros—Affordable :: shade range :: comfortable :: buildable :: pigmented :: agree with all claims

Cons—Not mask friendly :: slight scent

Thoughts—Really blurs lip lines :: slight scent but it doesn’t bother me or linger :: agree with all claims :: similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but better :: LOVE!



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