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–Launched in 1995 with the release of their Original Loose Mineral Foundation
–Now, one of the Original Loose Mineral Foundations are sold every 18 seconds and it’s the #1 Prestige Loose Powder Foundation
–Best known for their loose powder foundation
–Sold at at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom,

Best Product—Bounce & Blur Powder Blush
Underrated Product—Glow Liquid Bronzer

Buy–Complexion and skincare
PassLip and eye products (these are nice, but there are comparable items that you can get cheaper)

ImproveFoundation/concealer/powder shade range and tones. ALL of their shades lean yellow. There isn’t a true, cool toned shade in the whole dang range.

Lashtopia Mascara (review)
BarePro Liquid Foundation (review)
Bounce & Blur Blush (review)
Mineral Veil (review)
Glimmer Eyeshadow (Nude Beach is my favorite)
–Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer
BarePro Powder Foundation (review)
Complexion Rescue Hydrating Stick (review)
Liquid Bronzer (review coming!)
Gen Nude & Statement Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Claymates Mask Duo Be Pure + Be Dewy
Original Loose Mineral Foundation

To Try
Gen Nude Neutral Palette
Strength & Length Mascara
Original Liquid Mineral Foundation

My Thoughts
The brand plays/caters to those who prefer a simpler, natural look. They put loose mineral foundation on the map and that is immediately what I think of when I think of BareMinerals. Their shade range is vast in number, but allllll of the shades lean yellow, even if it says cool, I assure it’s not. I appreciate that they make brush, bronzer, and highlighter for fair skin people. Their Invisible Bronzer (discontinued) is one of the first bronzers that I was actually able to use on my fair skin. If you prefer trendier, full coverage, glam looks, this isn’t necessarily the brand for you. Their products are perfect for the everyday gal/guy who just wants to apply a little something to look pulled together.


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