Miss A Haul & Mini Reviews

Miss A is a dollar makeup site that some of my favorite YouTubers have purchased from and reviewed several times, but I had never ordered from the site. I finally decided to place and order and see what all the fuss was about. I got everything in this photo for $15.60 with shipping. You certainly can’t beat that kind of deal!

Here’s what I purchased
Perfect Pressed Powder in Porcelain
–Hush Cream Blushes in Merlot & Passion
F7 & E107 Sculpting Brush Duo
F9 & F109 Sculpting Brush Duo
Paw Paw Sponge Cleaning Soap in Rose
Paw Paw: Prowear Foundation in Porcelain
Paw Paw: Super Soft Wonder Blender Sponge

About the brand
–Cruelty free (certified by PETA)
–Makeup made with FDA approved ingredients
–Almost everything is $1
–Products that are over $1 are part of a Charity Edition Collection to give back
–Company supports various causes from educational opportunities for kids to protected animals from testing and abuse
–Online only

AOA Perfect Pressed Powder

Highlights–Velvety, finely milled soft powder :: use to set, brighten, contour, blur pores, and more :: vegan :: paraben free


Shade Range–12
My Shade–Porcelain

Pros–Creamy :: shade match for me :: works with my dry skin :: set my foundation without caking :: locked makeup in place :: skin looked smooth & flawless

Cons–Shade range

Thoughts–I applied with a brush and stippled it into the skin to set my foundation. It didn’t really blur my pores, but overall, my skin looked really smooth and flawless.


AOA Hush Cream Blush

Highlights–Silky :: seamless :: buildable :: flushed look :: paraben free


Shade Range–8
My Shades–Merlot & Passion

Pros–Pigmented :: creamy :: buildable :: easy to blend :: shade range :: little bit goes a long way


Thoughts–You need the tiniest amount of product so these pans will last a long time. I used the F7 brush to stipple it on and it was very easy to blend. They are pigmented but you can sheer it out or build it up depending on how much you use and the tool you use for application.


F7, F9, E107, and E109 Brushes

Highlights–Ultra-plush :: densely packed :: minimal shedding :: synthetic bristles :: vegan :: hypoallergenic :: antibacterial

Price–$2 per set

Pros–Very soft :: F7 is perfect for cream blush :: F/face brushes hold up well after washing

Cons–E109 & E107 completely fell apart when I washed them, all the bristles came out :: some initial shedding with the F/face brushes

Thoughts–I got the F7 for cream blush, F9 for cream bronzer, E109 for nose contour, and E107 for eye primer. I had to trash the E/eye brushes because they completely fell apart when I washed them. Both of the face brushes have been washed a few times and have held up fine.


Paw Paw: Sponge Cleansing Soap

Highlights–Travel friendly in case :: soft & gentle but gets all makeup and grime off :: smooth texture helps to prevent sponge from damage while washing :: vegan :: Argan Oil to keep sponge soft.


Scent Range–4
My Scent–Rose

Pros–Cute packaging :: smells good

Cons–Doesn’t clean as well my other solid brush soaps

Thoughts–It doesn’t clean as well my other solid brush soaps. It didn’t break down remove all the build up in my sponges or my brushes.


Full review coming soon on a –Foundation Friday–

Paw Paw: Super Soft Wonder Blender Beveled

Highlights–Latex free :: flawless application :: unique shape allows it to be used for many different products :: easy to grip :: 2x softer than original AOA wonder blender


Pros–So soft :: blends easily :: easy to clean


Thoughts–This is THE softest sponge I have ever used. Jessica Braun recommended this sponge and I get why she loves it so much. If you only get one product from today’s post, get this. I will definitely be ordering more of these.


The stand out products were definitely the sponge and the cream blushes. I will definitely be ordering more from this site to test and try out.

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