The Drugstore/Affordable Makeup Tag

I saw Jessica Braun do this on her YouTube channel and I wanted to share my two cents so here goes!

If you could only use one makeup brand, what would it be?
Makeup Revolution. Their complexion shades match me perfectly and I love so many things from the brand and they have so much to offer.

What is the most underrated brand?
Essence. A lot of people know about the Lash Princess Mascara, but there are lots of other amazing products in the line.

What’s the most overrated brand?
Morphe. I know it’s a common answer but it’s true. They have brushes and eye shadows nailed down, but they need to work on their complexion line to really be a force to be reckoned with.

What’s your favorite product under $5?
elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil

What is a hidden gem that no one talks about?
Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder

What’s your favorite foundation?
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

What products do you tend to buy more at the drugstore versus high end?
 Brow pencils

What brand do you think is overpriced?
Physicians Formula. Some of their products are just as expensive as stuff at Sephora which is crazy to me.

What’s your favorite drugstore dupe?
Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder is a dupe for Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

What’s the best eye shadow formula?
elf Bite Size Palettes

What’s the worst eye shadow formula?
Maybelline The Nudes

Brand you used to love but aren’t crazy about anymore?
NYX. I used to run to Ulta to get the latest and greatest from NYX and now their new releases don’t even interest me. I love their lip liners and that’s about the only NYX products left in my collection.

Product you didn’t expect to like but totally wowed you?
Revlon So Fierce Mascara. I don’t have good luck with Revlon mascara and I don’t like most of them, but this one really surprised me. I reviewed it here.

Fav affordable eye shadow palette right now?
Colour Pop Going Coconuts

What brand is most improved?
 CoverGirl. They’ve recently become cruelty free and launched a line of vegan products. They are making moves!

Best new line of products released?
Colour Pop Pretty Fresh. Give me allllll the hydration.

Brand you feel is dying out?
Almay. Do they even release new stuff?

Drugstore product you’ve loved for years?
LOreal Mascara Primer. I try new ones all the time, but I always come back to this. I’m constantly trying new products, but this is a staple that you can always find in my collection.


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  1. Such a great idea! Love your blog, i’ve followed you and can’t wait to see more of your posts! xxx


    1. Thank you so much! That means so much to me 🙂

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