Neutrogena Bright Boost Wrap Up


I started using the Neutrogena Bright Boost line on January 1 and finished it up on June 5. You can read all the details of this line on my original post here.

The products I used–Resurfacing Micro Polish, Illuminating Serum, Gel Cream, and Moisturizer with Sunscreen.

Resurfacing Micro Polish
–Very fine granules
–Can add more/less water to dilute/make more gentle
–Skin feels clean and smooth, but not stripped

Illuminating Serum
–I liked this fine, but it’s definitely a step/product you could omit
–Hated the packaging

Gel Cream
–Love the Neutrogena gel formula
–Lightweight but hydrating
–Absorbs quickly
–Leave skin soft, supple, and radiant

–Perfect under makeup
–Gives hydrating, glow, and SPF protection
–Absorbs quickly

–Glow without the glitter
–Didn’t cause any sensitivity or breakouts for me
–Really like and recommend the line for normal to dry skin
–I do think my skin improved and my redness isn’t as pronounced
–I would definitely repurchase and use these products again

January 1 :: June 5


4 thoughts on “Neutrogena Bright Boost Wrap Up

    1. While I don’t think they would hurt, I don’t think they would help as far as oil production. The Hydro Boost line is great for oily skin. It’s hydrating enough, but not too much.


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