Tati Beauty Blendiful


–Designed to seamlessly apply & soften liquid and powder products
–Save product & time
–No harsh lines
–Soft textured fabric tool

–$18 for 2 sponges (1 Blendiful + 1 Baby Blendiful) at tatibeauty.com

–Cruelty free
–Innovative product
–All in one complexion tool
–Works with liquid, cream, and powder
–Smaller size is perfect to put in your purse for touch ups
–Easy to blend products out
–Soft, smooth texture
–Doesn’t absorb product like a traditional sponge
–Easy to wash and clean
–Get more full coverage using less product

–Availability (online only)

Final Thoughts
I love this so much I bought a second set. You can use the larger Blendiful for liquid creams and powders, but I don’t want to mix consistencies. I use one large Blendiful for my liquid products and the other large one for my powder products. I love using this for my foundation, concealer, and powder, but still prefer to use brushes for cream and powder products (blush, bronzer, and highlight). My foundation applies with more coverage and I use less product and the same for concealer. Since I purchased this, I really haven’t reached for my brush or sponge. You get a really seamless, even blend. I’ve washed it and it’s come clean easily and held up well. This is a very innovative and game changing tool that Tati created. I’m a big fan!

You can watch Tati’s demo videos here and here.



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