Blog Banter

Fun fact: Today is my 2 year blog anniversary! To celebrate such, I thought I’d answer some questions about my blog and blogging in general.

I found these questions from posts my friends Meghan and Christine have shared in the past.

It me and my bestest friend, Windsor
  1. How did you get started in blogging?
    • I started my first blog in 2013 to share my outfits and fashion finds. I wasn’t really into beauty when I started blogging and that blog was very fashion focused.
    • I started this blog in 2018 as a fresh start. Fashion blogging is HARD. Finding someone to take photos and always having pictures ready is hard when you live alone. By this point, I was really into beauty and testing new products so I decided this blog would be focused on beauty. I’m really passionate about beauty and skincare and sharing reviews.
  2. What is your content creation process for blogging and writing?
    • I have a binder where I keep all of my blog related things i.e. post information, calendars, products to test, etc. I also use the notes app on my phone if I get an idea and can’t write it down right then.
    • I’m a paper and pen kind of gal so I write everything on notebook paper or templates that I made myself. I write down all the details, take my pictures, and then when I get ready to write the post, I just grab that piece of paper out of my binder and go.
  3. How do you stay inspired with fresh content?
    • Fortunately, there is always something new in makeup. New products releasing that I want to review, some I want to pass on, and everything in between. This is an expensive hobby, but I truly LOVE buying, trying, and reviewing products. It brings me so much joy and I feel so honored when people ask me for recommendations or say they love a product I recommended.
  4. Do you still find value in blogging on a website? Do you think there will be more folks purely using Instagram or other social platforms to streamline their content?
    • I do find blogging on a website valuable. Social media could go away tomorrow, but I own my blog so it will always be there. It’s also a great reference point. I can go to my site and search a product and find the post with all the details on it in an instant. I don’t have all of that on my Instagram.
    • However, I do think people need to understand the difference between a blogger and an Instagrammer. To be a blogger one must have an actual blog domain. I think most bloggers, especially newer bloggers, focus too much on Instagram. I get that’s where most people are these days, BUT so many of these Instagram famous folks have blog websites that look like actual shit.
  5. How do you figure out which platforms are best for you and how do you manage them? i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Insta-Stories
    • I really haven’t been doing too much of any of them in regards to sharing blog content. I have it set that when my post goes live, it’s instantly tweeted. I need to get better and back to posting on Instagram this year.
  6. How did you find your tribe in this over-saturated web and social media market?
    • I feel like I’ve found a tribe of loyal folks who really trust my opinions and take them into consideration when deciding to what to buy and try.
  7. What advice/tips do you have for someone looking to start a blog?
    • There are so many “influencers” and bloggers and Instagrammers that are making TONS of money, but don’t get started for the sole fact that you want to get rich. It’s a long way to the top and the route isn’t as fun and glamorous as it looks. Start because you have a passion for the subject you’re going to blog about and want to share that with others.
  8. How do you manage your time between work, website, social media, and life?
    • I try to post 3 times a week, but sometimes other things get in the way and that’s ok. I try to plan ahead and have posts scheduled well in advance, but again, that doesn’t always pan out. I do this purely for fun and once it stops being fun, I’ll stop blogging. That’s why I stopped my first blog, it started to feel more like work than fun and I was done. I don’t want this to be a career or a full time job. I have a full-time job that I love, this is my fun, creative outlet.
  9. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
    • It’s my name. Super original.
  10. How do you prepare for a blog post?
    • I alluded to this earlier, but I write everything down, organize all of my pictures, and then get to work. Depending on the post, I have product shots, swatches, wear pics, and notes from testing the product. Other times, I make a photo collage of several different items to discuss. It really just depends.
  11. Favorite/worst part of blogging.
    • Favorite–I’ve met and made some amazing friends thanks to blogging. Many I’ve met in person and some I haven’t.
    • Worst–Blogging can be so superficial and not all bloggers are alike. There are few bigger bloggers that I’ve followed for YEARS and I’ve seen them evolve into someone I don’t care for and don’t want to follow. The fame and money went right to their head and now they are so narcissistic and their ego is beyond inflated.
  12. Biggest mistake you’ve made blogging.
    • With my first blog, I was trying too hard to be seen and keep up and that got me no where. I thought I had to do XYZ to get noticed and be a “real” blogger. I also though I had to be working and striving towards making my blog profitable and a full time gig or else I wouldn’t be taken seriously. Now, I know what I want to post and I do it for me. I’m not trying to be something I’m not or make this blog something other than exactly what I want it to be.

3 responses to “Blog Banter”

  1. I love those questions and the answers you gave. I learned from them.

    Thanks, Hannah!


  2. Awesome post. I feel like I have had this conversation so many times.


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