Purchase or Pass? Volume I

There is SO much new makeup coming out all the time and I love following different beauty accounts that have all the sneak peeks. I would love to buy and try ALL the makeup, but I do not have the time or the funds for such SO I’m just going to do a little round up here of products I plan to purchase (or have purchased) and those I plan to pass on.

Images are from Amazon, Google, or Trendmood.





  • Colour Pop Frozen II Collection
    • Those shades aren’t really my favorite and I’ve never seen Frozen so I really don’t care about this collection.
  • Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection
    • The shades were pretty, but there was just nothing I was dying to have. I’ve very happy with the highlights in my collection.
  • Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Volume I Eyeshadow Palette
    • I go back and forth with whether or not I like Tati and want to watch her. Regardless of my personal opinion, she knows makeup. I don’t really like warm tones and while some of these shades are pretty, I know I wouldn’t get enough use out of the palette.
  • Morphe 39L Hit The Lights Palette
    • Morphe palettes are well priced and this one is really pretty. It has good neutrals and some fund pops of color, but I just don’t have a need or really even want this one.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Palettes
    • Wayyyy too much color for me. If you’re a professional makeup artist, these would be great for your kit, but for the every day girl with an office job like myself, it’s just too much.
  • KKW Beauty x Makeup by Mario
    • I’ve never tried any KKW Beauty products and while I like the more subtle colors in this collection, I feel like I already have similar shades in my collection.
  • MAC Holiday Collection
    • I love MAC, but when I saw their holiday collection I wasn’t floored.
  • Kylie Holiday Collection
    • I’ve tried a few things from Kylie and liked them, but I don’t go bananas over her stuff. I’m sure this will sell out in no time, but there weren’t any products that were just calling my name.
  • Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Eyeshadow Palettes
    • I loved watching the series these 2 did together, but like I said about the ABH palettes, it’s just too much color for me. I wish Jeffree would sell singles because I’d love to try his formula, but his palettes are just too much for me.
    • I’d love to get a lip product from the line though.
  • Sol Body The Face & Body Highlighter
    • Again, I’m content with the highlighters in my collection and I don’t go anywhere that requires a body shimmer product.
  • Physicians Formula The Gold Vault Face Palette
    • Point blank–I think the colors in this are hideous.




5 responses to “Purchase or Pass? Volume I”

  1. This might actually be a good idea for me to do too, I am way to good at justifying buying absolutely every makeup and skincare product out there.


    1. You and me both! I loved doing this. I was able to pull together what’s new, evaluate what i already have, and go from there!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was thinking The same. I will have to do this soon


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