Hot New Shit Volume I

Katy, one of my favorite YouTubers, does Hot New Shit videos so she is the inspo behind this post. These are new products I’m interesting buying and trying. I get samples of what I can at Sephora to try before buying, purchase some, and skip others. I would be perfectly happy to buy and try and review new products all day every day, but that is not my reality. Maybe one day!



Y’all know I love the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line so when I saw they released a new line, I got super excited. I’m going to finish up the skincare I’m using now, but I will definitely be purchasing this line.


Y’all know I test foundations every Friday and there are so many new releases out that I am dying to try. I’ve gotten samples of a few at Sephora so stay tuned.



the rest


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