Mascara Monday: Too Faced Damn Girl


I feel like Too Faced hasn’t released a new mascara in a long time. Their Too Faced Better Than Sex is one of my favorites and the #1 selling prestige mascara in America. I was so excited when I saw this was releasing. I love the name and the packaging is so cute. Sephora had a promotion where you could receive a sample with a $25 order so obviously, I had to oblige.

–Extreme volume without heavy feel
–Lift, lengthen, and lock in up to 24 hours of smudge- and flake-resistant curl
–Maximum drama & lift
–Creamy-mousse formula
Don’t pump the wand in the tube

–$25 at Sephora,
–I can’t link it because it isn’t out yet, it releases 6/5 and I’m pretty sure it’s a Sephora exclusive
–I haven’t seen anything about a mini option, but hopefully they will release one

Shade Range
–1, black

–Cruelty free
–Gluten free
–Added volume and length
–Paraben and phthalate free
–Very black

–Brush is HUGE and holds a TON of product which can be messy
–Very wet formula

Final Thoughts
I said earlier, I was so excited to try this and the fall down was just as hard. The description does say, “creamy-mousse formula,” but I wasn’t sure what to expect from that description. This formula is extremely wet and does not dry down fast enough for me. I was scared to blink because I was scared it was going to get everywhere. I tried letting it dry, but I don’t have 48293 minutes to spend on mascara in the mornings. The wand is HUGE and and holds a lot of product which made such a mess on lashes, eye lids, and it got all over the packaging too. I got good volume and length, but not worth all the trouble. I’ll be sticking with the Better Than Sex, it never lets me down.



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