Essence Camouflage + Matt Concealer

–Won’t crease or settle into lines
–Conceal under eye circles and darkness
–Cover up tattoos

–$3.99 at Ulta,

Shade Range
–My shade: 10 Light Rose

–Cruelty free
–Paraben free
–Smells good
–Works with corrector and powder
–Full coverage
–Minimal creasing

–Shade range

Final Thoughts
I love the price and the coverage, but the shade range is total CRAP. The lightest shade is a little too dark for me. I mixed a little Magic Star concealer in to brighten and make it work. It does not cover tattoos so if that’s important to you, keep looking. There’s no shade match for me, but I do like the formula so it’s not a total flop.



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