May Makeup Basket



I have several foundations that I need to test so I’m not adding a particular one to this month’s basket. Stay tuned for new reviews coming soon!



April Notes
(original post here)

  • Ulta Moisturizing Foundation Stick–Decided this isn’t for me. I used to love it, but it’s just too emollient, won’t set down with any powder, and tend to rub off.
  • Milani Prep+Set+Glow Powder–I freaking loved this powder, but all of a sudden it started darkening my foundation so it had to go.
  • Becca Khloe x Malika Palette–I like this, but for the price, I wanted to LOVE it and I just don’t. If you’re interested in this, I’ve got it listed on my insta for a dang good deal.
  • Cover Fx Face Palette–I ended up taking this to work to keep in my makeup bag there. I like it, but I wouldn’t pay that price for it.
  • Stila Smokey Quartz Liquid Eyeshadow–This was the tone that I thought it was. I thought it was more brown/bronze, but it leaned more gray on me so I gave it a friend.
  • Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray–I don’t why I don’t reach for this, but I just never do. I gave it to a friend too.
  • Maybelline Tinted Mascara Primer–I like this, but nothing has topped my beloved Loreal Voluminous Primer.

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