March Makeup Basket


Y’all know I watch a lot of beauty videos on YouTube and one of my favorite videos are “Everyday Makeup Drawer” videos. This is where YouTubers go through their vast makeup collections and pick products that they want to focus on using for that month. It could be products that are new that they want to try, some that they’re trying to use up, and/or products they’re undecided on so they’re going to focus on using them to form an opinion.

I don’t have quite the collection as some YouTubers, but I have a decent amount of makeup so products often get forgotten or I’ll use them for a while till something new comes along. There are several products in my collection that I want to use up and I’ve bought new things to try so I decided to do my take on an “Everyday Makeup Drawer” and share a monthly makeup basket.

There are some staple products that I will use regardless and the others will rotate in and out each month. I’m not limiting myself to only what’s in this basket, but I’m going to really to try to focus on these products and pull in others in my collection.

My favorite YouTubers that do this video/series are Jessica Braun and Andrea Matillano.


These are products that I use every day and they will stay in the basket each month.


When I test a primer, I use a foundation that I know I like and that I know how it wears. When I test a foundation, I use a primer that I know works well so I won’t be using these primers, foundations, and the setting spray in conjunction this month.


These are the face products I want to focus on using this month. I’m so close to finishing some of them and the others are just products I haven’t been reaching for recently.


I don’t wear eye shadow or eye liner every day and when I do, I usually use a cream base and add a powder on top. If I decide to get crazy and do a full eye look, I’ll just pull in one of my palettes.



I didn’t include any lip products because my lip color choice varies day to day depending on my mood and what I’m wearing.



2 responses to “March Makeup Basket”

  1. This is such a cool concept. Instead of diving into the whole of my makeup collection every day, which can feel a little overwhelming, this would be nice as an ‘everyday simple’ makeup look!xo


    1. Exactly! Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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