Mixology: Under Eye Brightening Powder


Finding a brightening powder that is actually brightening on my very pale skin is no easy task. When highlighting and contouring really became a thing and everyone was buying  banana powder to set and brighten, there was nothing that worked for my fair skin.

There are several white, HD powders that will work, but oh the flashback! Most banana powders are too dark for me and work better on people with more warm toned skin.

My skin is more pink and cool toned so the warm, yellow powders are just a no. J. Cat Beauty is one of the only brands (that I know of) that makes a soft, pink powder. Becca also makes a pink powder, but it was too dark to be used alone. The Makeup Revolution powder is stark white so using it alone was very harsh.

I decided to make a mixture that would work for me and I made my perfect shade. I use this mixture to set my concealer every single day. I get minimal creasing, it brightens, and there isn’t flashback. I love a bright under eye to make me look alive and lifted.

Since I took these pictures, I discovered the Makeup Revolution Banana Light Powder and I added some of it in as well.


Products Used
Makeup Revolution Ghost Baking Powder
Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder in Pink Haze
J. Cat Beauty Luxe Pro Powder in Porcelain
Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder in Banana Light

These products all come with a large amount of powder so I don’t have to remix it very often. I’ve only done it once in the year that I’ve been using this combination. I mix and store it in an empty Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Jar.


8 responses to “Mixology: Under Eye Brightening Powder”

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