Mixology: Powder Foundation

Finding a powder foundation that matches my very fair skin tone is not an easy task. You may have seen my review on the Mary Kay Mineral Powder and it was just a little bit too dark. I had another powder foundation on hand that was too dark so I decided to use those two and my Makeup Revolution Ghost Powder to make my own perfect shade.

I’m basically a cosmetic chemist now.


Here’s what I used
–Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in Fair Cool
Mary Kay Mineral Powder in Ivory 1
Makeup Revolution Luxury Baking Powder in Ghost

1) Crushed up the Urban Decay powder using a cuticle stick
2) Dumped the MK powder in the plastic container with UD powder and started mixing in the Ghost powder to lighten it up.
3) I added white and swatched till I got it to match my skin tone.
4) Added mixture into MK packaging for convenience and stored the rest.

I now have a lifetime supply of a powder foundation that matches me perfectly!



My powder foundation routine will be posted next week!


One response to “Mixology: Powder Foundation”

  1. […] Last week, I shared how I made my own powder foundation that is a perfect match for me. Now that I have a foundation that matches, I wanted to share my powder foundation routine. I usually reach for a liquid as I find them easier to blend out and less messy, but I do use powder foundation from time to time. If you missed the earlier post, you can read it here. […]


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