Mask Monday: Aveeno Pretox Antioxidant Peel Off Face Mask

–Gently exfoliates and helps remove impurities
–Reveals renewed, refreshed skin

–$3.29 at Ulta (one time use packet) 0.35 oz
–$10.99 at Ulta for full size 2.0 oz
–$9.99 at Walgreens 

–Paraben free
–Phthalate free
–Smells good
–Easy to apply
–Left my skin feeling soft & smooth
–Pretty purple color


Final Thoughts
I freaking LOVE this mask. It smells good and is such a pretty purple! I don’t know about the exfoliate and remove impurities part, but it did leave my skin feeling SO soft. I have one peel off mask that I need to finish up, but when it’s gone, I will definitely be buying the full size.

Pro tip when applying peel off masks–Apply Vaseline to your brows. The mask won’t stick to the Vaseline so if you accidentally get some in the brow area, it won’t pull the hair when you peel the mask off. 



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