Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holidays are here and stores are packed with people and gifts. I’m WAY too lazy to make 2394239 gift guides like other bloggers, so I’m going to stick to what I know–beauty. 

I’m going to share the sets and gifts that I think the beauty lover in your life would love and the ones that are worth the money. Also, it’s Christmas, treat yo self if you see something you love 😉 


A few tips for holiday shopping…

  • Use eBates! I thought it was a scam too, but it’s 100% real. You legit get money back for shopping. 
    • You can use my referral link (not sponsored) 
    • I’ve saved $89 since signing up!
  • Google a coupon code–usually you can find one somewhere
  • A lot of website have pop ups that offer 10-20% your purchase if you sign up for their emails. Sign up, get your coupon, and unsubscribe. BINGO.
  • Put the item in your cart, but don’t check out. Sometimes sites will email you a coupon code if they noticed you left something in your cart.
  • I linked as many products as I could to Nordstrom and I highly recommend shopping for what you can there. They have free shipping on everything and super easy returns. 

Happy Shopping! 



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