Mascara Monday: Jesses Girl Dial-A-Lash



–Adjustable wand allows you to increase length, volume, and curl
–Natural to maximum volume

–$7.99 @
–$14.99 @ Amazon

Shade Range
–2: Black and Brown

–4 mascaras in one
–Cruelty free
–No flaking
–No smudging

–Hard to find
–No waterproof option

#1: Natural–good separation and length
#2: Enhance–more volume, good separation and length
#3: Boost–clumpy, lease fav setting
#4: Max Volume–Most dramatic; wand took some getting used to; long, thick, & full lashes

Final Thoughts
I’m not sure where to find Jesses Girl products now that Rite Aids are closing. Obviously, it’s available online, but I don’t know what other stores carry that line. The Rite Aid near me closed so I grabbed this 70% off. I definitely thought this was a gimmicky product, but it really works! I love that it’s a 4-in-1 product for such an affordable price. I tried all 4 settings and had no flaking or smudging on any setting. This isn’t waterproof and there isn’t a waterproof option, but I laughed till I cried while wearing this and it didn’t budge.

I used my Lancome Lash Curler and the LOreal Mascara Primer each day that I tested.




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