My 2 Cents on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Warning this post contains both truth and sarcasm.

1)  Some of the deals are not that impressive. Yes, saving some money is better than paying full price but we’re not talking about half price Birkins here.

2) A good portion of the clothing and shoes are fall pieces even though the sale happens in the summer. I get you want to buy and showcase what you’ve purchased, but it is 90+ degrees in the South. Wearing a poncho and sandals is ridiculous as is suede OTK boots and shorts. If it wasn’t for this sale, you would never pair such together. Own it. In your caption say, I know shorts and suede OTK don’t go together on a hot July day, but the boots are cute and on sale. I’m much more likely to buy something from your link if you’re honest.

3) Sales such as this sure bring out the greed in folks.

4) You know half these bloggers go buy all this stuff and go do these dressing room try ons and return and/or don’t purchase a dang on thing, they just want to go link stuff so you will swipe/click. They want that engagement!

5) I’ve seen several posts with 5+ bags and the back of an SUV filled to the brim with NSale loot. Even if I had endless funds, I still couldn’t fill up the back of an SUV with stuff. There wasn’t that much stuff I wanted.

6) I think the items included this year were just meh. I got a few things, but overall I was super underwhelmed.

7) The sale went live at 3 am EST and folks set their alarms to be first. Unless Jesus Christ or Christian Louboutin walks into my room, I ain’t getting up at 3 am for no-damn-body. Even then, I’m going to need to see at 3 forms of proper identification.

8) Some of the stuff wasn’t that expensive to start with and some of it is still expensive AF on sale. For example, I bought 2 t-shirts that were $11.90 each. After the sale, they will be $17. Not exactly the deal of the century, I could still buy the shirt at $17. My life has not worsened nor improved over $5.10.

9) While everyone is just losing their mind over this sale, there are still other more pressing matters going on in the world i.e. famine, war, natural disasters, and hopefully some good things too. The world doesn’t stop turning. Also, there are literally thousands of cute dogs on Instagram. How are you so wrapped in up in shopping when there are pup pics to view?!

10) At the end of the day, it’s just stuff. I personally waste money on stupid stuff I do not need on the regular, but I’m trying to better about it. Shopping this sale and using that blogger’s links isn’t going to solve world hunger, part the Red Sea, or end the war. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but I suggest taking a step back before making a purchase. Do you need it? Will you wear it? Do you already have pieces in your closet that it will work with? These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

 Not all bloggers go bonkers over this so I’m not grouping everyone together, it’s just the name of the game. I will say, I did see some great, helpful posts that were straight to the point i.e. here’s what I wanted, here’s what I bought, here’s what I recommend, etc. I’m down for that. Give me some suggestions and send me on my way. Don’t clog up my Instagram for 2+ weeks. I have other things I need to see on my feed, reference #9.

While I stand by all of this and its truth, this is meant to be funny. I didn’t write it to offend you and 3 generations of your people. No need to get your panties in a knot! And, if you did, I hear Nordstrom has a deal on panties right now 😉


6 responses to “My 2 Cents on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale”

  1. I agree with you! I enjoy sharing the sale because I keep it under $100. But I try to only share things I already own so I can speak to their quality or am buying. I did two posts this year: one with things I already owned or truly planned to buy, and one with what I actually bought. Some of the people you KNOW are not keeping all of that! I saw someone say they bought 99 things and wanted more! Omg!


    1. 99?! I like your posts because you share things I can buy! There were barely 10 things I wanted, certainly not 99. My mind is blown.


  2. Preach! This year’s sale was underwhelming. All bloggers have just been promoting what was popular last year. DAMN, Edna! I already bought 5 side slit raw edge tees last year. I think it just goes to show we have a lot of models posing as fashion bloggers now. No creativity whatsoever.


    1. Amen! Im glad someone else agrees that it was lackluster. I also got those tees and they’re great but you don’t have to tell me every single day during the sale. I got it the first go round.


  3. I completely agree with you!!! I love a good sale, but not a whole impressed me this year. And yes this junk is clogging up my feed with bloggers and their Instagram stories like I just purchased this sweater in an XXXXXS and its TTS!🙄 Whatever! I want to tell some of them you need a cheddar bo from Bojangles! I saw one blogger…seriously she might be 30 wearing these hand strips that help reduce wrinkles and age spots…seriously! Why????
    Very funny post…thanks for sharing!


    1. Glad you enjoyed! You hit the nail on the head with XXXXXS comment. You know some of them have got to be hungry. Eat a cheddar bo and order a size small. You will love life so much more!


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