Mascara Monday: CoverGirl Total Tease


–Full, voluminous look
–Dark, defined lashes
–Tease clumpy lashes away
–Boost volume & define shape

–$8.99 @ Ulta
–$5.99 @ Target
–$7.94 @ Wal Mart
–9.79 @ Walgreens

Shade Range
–Waterproof option

–Cute packaging
–Waterproof option
–No smudging or flaking
–Love the little comb at the end

–Not cruelty free
–Not very voluminous

Final Verdict
–This does a great job of lengthening and separating, but doesn’t give much volume.
–The weird comb on the end allows you to coat each lash.
–I didn’t think I would like this because the wand is so different, but I was really surprised.
–This is a plastic bristle wand so if you prefer natural bristles, this isn’t for you!
–It’s easy to walk by because it looks different than other mascara, but I recommend giving it a try.



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